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another weekly article news thingy

Hi all and welcome to another one of these tech wrapups.
Firstly it appears that obama has decided after all that leaked info scandle to curb the nsa and other agencies data collection laws and activities as reported 7 am nzst on local national government radio stations.
This in itself does mean that someone at least is seeing some sence.
I firmly hope that this pushes our spy agency bills back some as well.
Though it did take a wistle blower to make it happen which it souldn’t, I mean someone to betray his government just to change things just does not sound right.
Still what is done is done and for now that means at least for now some stuff will go in our favour.
In other news, as reported to my inbox from the foundation snippits articles, it appears that someone still fains inocence when pirating even knowing they will get caught torrenting.
Doesn’t matter who has done it you still get the fine and go to jail and other junket.
If it makes you feel better you can probably bill the other party for your fines and stuff and get your cash back.
Point is, torrenting has been opened up and watched by the big companies, its not safe to do that anymore.
at least in nz website transfers are still as they were.
And there is enough of them.
I am happy that they don’t target dropbox and other file shares.
There are loads of groups, most for game colaberation and system backup for my use or to maintain other systems in the network.
I do put fully functional software that is licenced in there for backup.
I also share updates and other registered software with a folder for some network maintainance.
I also share material which could be concidered copywrite for game projects, stuff is moved round a lot before the group decides what to buy etc.
no point buying useless stuff.
Email well thats a sore point.
Everything you put online weather it be mail blogs, etc can be used against you and you need to treat online as you would do offline its as simple as that.
My issue with spying on mail is spammers and identity theeves.
They take your stuff and then you are in trouble and it doesn’t matter what you say because the government says you are guilty, go to jail, fined maybe dissapear.
The bad guys are always found out but it takes time.
We are not as bad as some other countries but still there is potentual.
I mean if I am in government or something if I can put someone away and out the picture it means another step to my ruling over the country, its business.
I am not sure if I’d do that but if I was on a quest for power maybe I would do it, its legal.
not that I am on a quest for power however my point should still stand we are setting a dangerous president and thats bad enough.
And now for a small note to the end of the blog.
the cyber bullying article is interesting, I heard about it on the news and thats good what happened.
unfortunately the link to it is broken.

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