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nsa article

Hi all.
Well just read the nsa article.
In theory jared I aggree with you, if you havn’t done anything wrong.
But what is wrong.
To be honest I don’t think the definition of what is wrong is the same for everyone.
For standard people pirating, stealing, killing, etc.
for the companies.
pirating their materials stealing, however this excludes rival companies, because thats what law suits are for.
And users because charging loads of cash for stuff is what they do and other junk.
Oh and if you pay them enough they don’t care.
Government, pay them enough and it doesn’t matter.
If you are put on a system you are guilty because a computer says so.
you ellect them and they do what the fuck they please.
And if you are guilty thats fine you have something to answer for.
if you have not broken the law then you are still guilty.
Here for example there have been several security breaches in government systems ranging from public terminal access to info being submitted that shouldn’t have been to preasure to submit info that was not supposed to be.
Point is, if you have done something wrong its not fair really.
And if you havn’t there is a chance you will be guilty of something you havn’t done because of a leak in a system.
I don’t trust the democracy and freedoms as I used to.
It doesn’t matter what sort of government corrupt or not. some are more clear than others or some are more packaged up but still essentually mean the same thing.
And the fact is if you are big enough it doesn’t matter what you break or who you kill, because you can pay your way out of it.
Saying all that they don’t get what they want mostly at least in a democratic place.
For examples with the laws, vary little has actually been charged.
Most of the cost of the penelty to the people charged with our piracy law covered the trile costs, about 300 bucks then the cost of the songs pirated which have never gone over 10 bucks.
Then a small payment for damages which is round 100-200 dollars right now, a small insubstancial some.
The biggest payout was 500-1000 dollars which in the scheme of the seasoned criminal is not much and even some of the mega pirates a small sum to dish to continue the good fight.
So there is a lot of hype to.
There was the new smacking laws a couple years ago.
Hardly anyone is charged with this and a lot of hype was over that.
I am not saying it could go totally bungeyed but for now the people’s voice is just that little stronger than the companies and corrupt governments.
Its not that strong though and we need to watch.
We can’t make it change but hopefully we can find some coman ground to compromise a little at least.
In a fair world the inocent would stay inocent and the criminals would be guilty as heck and go straight to hell.
Sadly being inocent doesn’t mean you are not already in hell.
and being guilty means little these days.
At least nonofficially.
I am just sad the industry is taking all the worlds governments with it.
There is only one solution, one more world attom bomb bio war and that may be the end of us.
I blame all the terrorists.
if we didn’t have 911 I don’t think this crazyness would have got started.
ofcause you could argue we were to complacent and maybe thats so.
However seeing all the cracks at least locally worries me no end.
I grew up in the 80s and early 90s.
Then freedom was real freedom.
The us had the nukes and you didn’t mess with them.
The middle east was rarely talked about, and terrorism was low.
There was no copywrite law suits and everything at least for the user was ok.
After 2001, it changed slowly to the point it is now.
Even the disabled are in this crazyness.
we need to fight to get some access and that is not sertain even now.
All the copywriters and others.
I once brought an itunes album just released to see the prices.
The price cost more than the store, could have cost more than the discount I’d get in the chain stores I usually get my stuff.
And it made me wander, if the prices for things are more than or equal to cd prices then no wander people pirate.
The net is however living up to its reputation of mirroring the world which I suppose does mean something although we havn’t got all of it yet.

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Last modified: August 12, 2013.

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