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you’d think they’d learned

Hi all.
Really this streaming thing is crazy.
A lot of stations play copywrited music.
ok scratch this.
every comercial station and amiter station plays copywrited music, no music, etc in fact they talk about copywrited things.
This is just counterproductive.
how else am I supposed to know what is good to buy.
I aggree companies like pandora may have issues I guess, but really simply put there are more ways round mainstream music than there were last year.
Lets see all that chip music, opensource indipendant label stuff most of it not even heard by people.
gegs of stuff exist.
In fact there is probably no need to play comercial music at all or buy it!
In fact let me go a step further, that if the industry wants to fecking own themselves I have no issue about letting them go right ahead.
A year ago or so I would have fought it tooth and nail but really there is so much round, there is no real need to fight.
Though I wander why people are pirating and not buying.
I just looked at some comercial music vs indipendant music.
lets see comercial vs indi.
pros, good quality most of it is ok cons, price.
why charging 30-40-50 bucks for the album.
Where in fecking hell does the extra cash go who the fack is it for.
indie music 10-15 bucks is max price.
mostly its between 0.25 and 10 the average being at 5-7 dollars but mostly its betwene 0.5 to 4 dollars most stuff is a dollar.
So assuming 10 bucks is all the songs in the thing.
and ok take say 5 bucks for the cd case and covers, heck maybe another 5 for the artwork.
ok and maybe take say 10 for the licence to the companies.
but oh wait in sertain cases the prices can drop down to 10 bucks if the people want it in some chain stores which blows that thing right out the field.
And then there is the rumour that the artests don’t get anything back as such and its all for the companies.
And to be honest in that case are they wandering why people hate them that much.
I still maintain the opinion that if someone does something with anything be it book, music or whatever the author should have a say in what is done if its big enough.
Ofcause this really is not a good year for sensable heads good its election year for nz.
Because of the crazyness over the kim.com thing, the government is going to spy on its people for nothing but a knee jerk reaction to grovel for the big corps and I thought we were indipendant.
Ofcause thats the problem right there.
the government we have is however crappy the only one we have the rest seem to have some issues.
I really don’t know what the fuss is about let the facking industry die allready so we can get on with our lives.
I’d feel better ofcause if any penalties for breaking the law went to the big corps to but thats unlikely.
And its unlikely to work anyway.
The torrent law has netted only a few people for the simple reason that people are smarter than that.
hiding yourself for one thing and not doing it for another both easy things to do.
This new law will the the same as the rest, hard to inforce unless everyone hacks into everyone else.
Thats fine but if you make something to do this prity soon your systems get hacked people take over your program then its worthless to you at any rate.
Technically its alegal to even use sendspace or dropbox but no way they will right now inforce it.
Then there is the reading mail thing.
Even before that sertain people can get their emails posted publically its watching what you put up that sadly translates to what you print offline as more and more of it is digitally archived.
I don’t have an answer to this.
Clearly the industry is again trying to justify an analog existance.
Half these laws were made and let through because those artests here and maybe other places were hoping for the digital industry to grow.
I am not saying it is but not fast enough.
Streams are the only way we can listen to things now, and sometimes only reason we buy things at least I do.
And then there is the radio stations I don’t listen to at least my locals online.
I listen to the internationals and most of them play copywrited stuff.
maybe they can can the entire net and radio and have us using 386 computers that would solve copywrite.

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