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tech articles for today

just went through the articles.
the tor thing is interesting, right now I am a bit against the authorities because of their
stance on the piracy issues.
so I am a bit of a rebel in that reguard.
as for the eye thing, its just another article talked about which shows promise but nothing more.
the question would be if you could be made to see if you never saw in the first place.
if you had an accident or something and lost your sight its one thing but if you were born prem like I was and lost it then never seeing although visual systems still work I don’t know if that would all pan out.
although research I did last year indicates that even the blind still have visual input switched to other sences meaning if vision was restore it could in theory go back to normal.
theory and practice is a different thing.
and I am sure getting a status on a bit o fcode that sys that its working is a different thing to actually running the code.

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