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Comments on posts

Hi jared.
Well here are my comments on the articles.
Gps for earthquakes.
Interesting, we do something like this in new zealand, stuff appears instantly online and we can view it even I can do so.
the maps are ofcause visual but still.
You get all the main points.
how strong it is where its located and all that.
As for the italian piracy laws it does appear that the article does hint on models round not having pirate sites a thing lacking locally.
And then my issue is what does constatute as a pirate site.
That could be as little as anyones personal site that uses anything not made or purchaced to be used on whatever which is not our own.
To dropbox, youtube and anything that is not liked by anyone.
The fact that a large corperation seems to do it itself really opens it to others making their own laws.
Especially if they pay the government to turn a blind eye to thing we could have our own corruption war.
And since its not law they don’t have to keep the law.
I think its a bit harsh, though itily does have harsh legislation and is probably ready to upgrade to the next digital point.
They are thinking of what will fill the gap without pirate sites.
The other issue I do have is torrents.
Some of these are lagit and torrenting is used legally to store archived files over many locations and share things as such.
So technically torrenting is bad.
I have and most have avoided torrenting I get most of my music at youtube with a free downloader.
They can’t stop that.
My dad uses itunes
My brother uses spotify premium.
He got it to listen to stuff and used to pull songs from net sites till I showed him how cheap it was.
Most of my music is free stuff off bandcamp and a few other places.
The other issue is that those that make stuff are really greedy.
In the latest look at the riaa site, all the digital sales they have is not even enough to satisfy things.
Piracy is
1. backing up your data unless you are allowed to back it up.
2. putting a cd of music to your ipod.
3. giving a friend your cd to listen to or a copy of your cd.
4. Downloading and or uploading pirated content.
5. storing anything which they don’t actually like.
As you can see the first 3 points really don’t leave you with much.
You can either do as they say and hope your system does not crash and you loose everything or ignore them which is what I have done largely to the most extent of the current law.
What really angers me is the supposed extra business models to have come out.
A few digital stores, ok.
Some pay per view stuff, ok.
Stuff streamed off youtube and other places.
However buying the physical cd is sometimes cheaper than itunes.

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