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another posting

Hi jared.
First to your posts about the ms update notification.
I agree in general that people that would like to know that are able to do things about it would be happy to get notified all the time that ms was out of support with xp.
However, sooner or later they may want to turn that off.
There is no easy way to really do that bar killing its tasks or killing the update from a criptic folder which no one really knows how to access.
I have people here that won’t in any shape or form make the xp shutdown.
Me included.
I have a system with windows 7 on it for on road stuff but for home use well we will see.
My dad is in transition.
We are aware but right now can’t support moving yet due to busyness and other issues at the time.
Then there are people like my old grandpa who’s security really doesn’t matter because of his limited to seldom connections via dialup to the net most stuff I can do remotely.
Now he would probably panic if he kept seeing a message on screen.
I have also been told there are people that are just not able to afford a new system at the current time.
They don’t want to be reminded that their system is finished.
And then there are techs like you and me.
Its an insult b because ms has put the info all over the place.
we are able to find it.
now we have it in our faces.
I am currently on my win7 box and am using my xp box as a media player.
I don’t want a message every few minutes telling me I need to upgrade my os.

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  1. Comment by tech date 12 March 2014 alle 21:44 (),

    Hi Shaun, I can agree with this, but most people won’t even know how to kill the update or hide it to begin with. These are valid points, and people should do what is best.

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