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cards and things

continuing on with things.
I am not sure about cards and the blind this is a sighted world.
And I guess there could be blind crims to that would try to get other cards highly implausible but still.
I think whatever system is chosen it will only hold the hackers back so long.
In which case we really don’t want the titanic of systems because we will know that it will eventually be hit by that iceburg and sink.
What we need is another patch that will keep it simple for the users because to be honest there is no way to win against the hackers to be honest.
There are even more issues with the wave cards and other things.
As for the blind, paypal is probably is as safe as any site then all you need is one username.
That site can be lifted just like any bank can be robbed so security is no different to be honest.
What concerns me is that we are either 1 putting to much into this or.
2. Will be disappointed when it does fail.
In an interesting development my mum who works at a doctors office yesterday was manning the cash register and saw a card with a photo on it.
you can apparently customise your eftpos and other cards with any photo from your family to an abstract beach somewhere.
Though this could potentially be a security risk it does add another identification feature to the card.
it could still be forged but even so that’s just another passive system in place.
Maybe we should focus on more passive security rather than active because it hasn’t helped us now.
To be honest nothing is safe look at the Japanese bitcoin exchange.
It got hacked, a lot of cash went, it died.
This shows you that everything including supposed secured electronic currencies can have points where they are fallable.
Ofcause your exchange and processing points are your obvious places for weakness.
So your bank terminals, in the case of the places hacked, credit card processing terminals.
In fact any terminal where stuff is handled is probably a weak point.
The networks can to a lesser degree be a weak point to, though to hack the wires you need another terminal either subverted or simply a new system gets in.
A mitigating factor ofcause would be to allow only sertain terminals access, and then have a separate net on the outside with less important terminals.
same security ofcause.
The hackers could get in and well it wouldn’t matter, ofcause any complex password needs storing and if people do it on their systems in unincripted form you are done anyway.
Its a practice that should be followed strictly but even I don’t follow it really.
Its more to learn etc.
People are warey about introducing more complex processes in the systems they use.
I have only just put in a passive program that stops extra malware loading by unchecking any well most addon boxes in program installers.
But even I hesitate to put any real active stuff in because the active stuff seems to get in the way of the user or causes a few issues with things.

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cards and things was released on March 11, 2014 at 10:19 am by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: March 11, 2014.

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  1. Comment by tech date 12 March 2014 alle 20:53 (),

    Hi Shaun et al,
    Shaun, this is a well thought out posting. I wasn’t in any way saying the blind were at risk, but my audience seemns to be the blind. You’re right, hackers are going to do what they can to get at the money. It does not matter to them either way. The recent breaches just goes to show you what can be done. OI’m worried as a customer of a credit card company what is next. Shared news about the most recent breach to them through social media, and they thanked me. This is just out of control, and we can only do so much.

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