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Here we go again

Hi all.
Well here we go again with another wrapup of the weeks craziness.
Firstly I am back.
the 10 days away can be found on my personal blog at smeveriss.wordpress.com
Lots of articles are round.
I won’t comment on all of them because to be honest, I really have not much for to much of them.
Updates for flash and ms, most of the updates for windows this year centred round office.
java 8.05 and java 7.55 updates came out yesterday.
No issues have been found on any of my machines with this update, however after a scan for viruses, then the install on my primary xp box it decided to be bad and die.
With xp out of support, the machine is in limbo.
No idea if I will bring it back or if I will never bring it back or bring it back as Linux or what.
After using 7 for a few years now I needed that little push to get over to 7 and I got that yesterday.
After spending 5 minutes finding minimal solutions to some outstanding issues I think I won’t be going back to xp at least for net surfing.
There are several reasons those on xp should update to a new system that is not xp and security though one of the things is not one of the factors I’d choose.
I hate fully the reasons Microsoft says you should update the system.
There are a few reasons.
Especially if you get a faster computer, there is the speed and boot time especially with solid state drives.
With a lot of newer stuff things improve keyboards etc.
My Toshiba hybread for example has a touch keyboard which although still a keyboard, requires almost no effort to press the keys in fact pressing the keys like I used to press keys is a thing of the past.
The fact that instead of hitting the keys but touching instead its a learning experience for me I also don’t have to do to much to type at speed.
2. Wireless, especially for those that are coming from old 150mbps n wireless and anything from g and lower should find an increased internal transfer speed with files, updates, and other things.
Your 100mb net connection is toast compaired to the 300mb n wireless.
Now if you get a 1g net card and a duel wirelesss for your desktop then ok but for most users with laptops 300n is standard now.
Quieter, your xp box may be noisier than what you have.
This new laptop fits over my cooler desk much better.
There are still a few issues that are outstanding.
1. compatability.
Especially with some older direct sound games its still an issue for 3d fx.
If you have an internal realtech card 3d soundback for vista in compatability mode may work for you.
If you are running a 64 bit os and not a 32 bit one like I am now you will not have dos support to play your old games like eamon and any modern ones that run in dos.
Soundrecorder is a bit of a sticking point however if you have xp you can get sndrec32.exe and load it somewhere 64 bit systems will get an error about registry on load but no issue after that.
I have 7 with uac off so bar the start search menu its the same as xp is.
For the average home and business user I would not go over 7.
I am not saying 8 is bad but there is more hastles for you, uac needs to be turned off fully or adjusted, if it is done the way ms does it then metro apps have to die to.
If you don’t want to or don’t use metro apps then turning those off would be fine.
The latest reported update has ms releasing updates for 8.1 with added features.
The ability to start apps documents music, etc with desktop bydefault or metro apps.
The ability to boot to the desktop automatic or closing apps going to the previous app and or the desktop and a few other things.
Ms is finding out the hard way that consumers now have choice and are moving.
A tablet with windows is not on everyone’s hit list in fact only 1% of all users use that os on a tablet.
apple and android are winning out.
2. pc users are going 7 or simply just getting a mac or going Linux.
27 % of users businesses still use xp.
Its possible ms may go out of business if they don’t make their users happy and they are trying to do just that.
If I were ms I’d go back to either a 7 or xp interface, and then leave the desktop alone!.
And I wouldn’t beaf up uac to much the way its going on in 7 means at least I can turn it off easily enough.
Or at least I’d have a trusted list or trusted drives or something.
Sadly its the older programs that probably have issues more than newer ones, also if you need to change system files for stuff then you have an issue.
The newer stuff should be ok but there are reports of programs needing 4 or more prompts to install and not one.
If ms is so set up on getting using uac then we should get the android system.
Ie I update flash.
I will get flash, requires the net, plays videos.
Install or not.
Or openoffice.
A suite of office components that does word spreadsheeting and presentations.
needs java the internet, and whatever else.
Or I could install my offline game I know needs no net or something and be told something like sound recorder, requires the internet, email, system access.
That’s obviously a virus, obviously I could still load it if I wanted but it would be on my shoulders maybe it would be blocked as a matter of course unless you manually unblocked it.
The way ms is securing is becoming a headache for users.
Being a tech I sympathise fully.
On my system that has a lot of older programs on uac is off.
On my other systems uac is on but those systems run vary few old programs and mostly modern ones.
A user on that system will usually never see uac at all unless he is changing something or updating something whit itself doesn’t have a digital cert.
they all use 7 ofcause.
I do like the incremental update system they are using though for those of us that traditionally needed to wait for an update need only update to the next increment in series of os updates.
Potentually as long as you went to the next increment you could continue receiving support for your os infinitely as long as you keept the updates going and did the version updates.
I think though ms should abandon 8 and get 9 out and fix their ass quickly.
I do hope ms rethinks themselves, though as their plans were noble their methods were not as noble and to be honest if they don’t we will have more issues.
Ms should return to what it does best being the desktop environment.
Lets have none of this tablet noncence from them.
At least lets not try to have them the same interface expecting people to run things that way.
Even some blind users I know complain about the start screen and these are honest techs.
Yeah read that, its a doozy
no ways about it.
In fact I am sure it was why this site was down for 2 days when I returned.
open ssl is updated, as I understand it it will be the smaller companies that will have to struggle.
As I understand it recreating your inscription keys is the hard part and not updating the systems.
I doubt I’d stay off the net because of this though.
From radio nz this way up podcast it appears all big companies, google, paypal, ms, amazon etc have already patched themselves by now.
Your smaller to medium sized website may not have.
As I understand it you can’t just role out the update, you have to change your key directly with each server and its estimated that this could take at least a year minimum.
maybe 2 or more.
Its known now though I wouldn’t be to concerned about the hackers making a free lunch on this.
The fact is keeping your passwords updated, and watching activity is one thing, its best practice and the net should be safe.
One thing is good that has come from this if you can call any of this good is that open ssl authors have received several million in donations to continue their work.
This has highlighted that opensource people including those that run our security actually do need cash to keep going its not all free.
If you can then go for it.
There is a fear that someone will make it closed source.
Yes the net has been a bit weak and yes in the future there will need to be more regulations but making it closed is just a bad idea.
So much community driven stuff makes up the backbone of the net from 3d printers to programs I think it would bee wrong to close that all down in favour of security and cash.
Lets hope that out of all of this that opensource is pushed more than conercial stuff or at least in equal parts now.
It already is but I was not aware till now that most of the net is actually opensource.
My early and limited history in fact states the net is us controlled and run by us government.
These books are out of date now though.
Its conforting at least to know that the net as stable as it can be is just a large Linux node.
It sertainly stairs ms in the face with some of its oses.
If it wasn’t that games were the factor or that I had spent a lot on games and other things in the past I may have gone with Linux and a windows vm.
may still eventually do that though I need a hardware vertualised system, and this laptop is not that good for vms.

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  1. Comment by tech date 18 April 2014 alle 08:14 (),

    Hi Shaun et al,
    The downtime this week was not caused by Heartbleed. The downtime last week was due to heartbleed. The downtime this week was totally different, and I’ll be releasing some info here soon. In the meantime, I’ve got status updates over on my live journal which doesn’t say much, but says enough.

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