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More Heartbleed coverage

Well, I listened to the Security Now program I posted a link to on my last post on this situation. It does not look good, and sadly, we can’t do anything but stay off the net. I do not think anyone will be staying off the Internet just because some critical bug was found by researchers. One server that was effected could be somewhere that you are hosted. Heartbleed Bug: What Can You Do? is an article by Brian Krebs who talked about what we can do. Sadly, if this is what it takes, than we must try. They have said that we do not know if anyone has exploited this bug yet, but now that it is known, criminals will go ahead and do that.

One thing that Steve mentions in the podcast is that there was a similar bug with DNS, although he didn’t know or remember what it was. It was quietly patched, before talked about. Unfortunately, this came out, and now everyone is scared. I always say that we should be as careful as possible, but this is so out of our control, we can’t do anything.

I highly urge everyone to get a copy of Security Now. This Sendspace Link will give you a copy. If you want to read transcripts or see show notes, Go over to the Security Now page via GRC’s web site. He is one of the lucky ones that aren’t effected by this, but tons of people are. Stay safe.

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