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comments for the last week

First apologies for not posting last week but its still busy, and will probably be that way till next week as the majority of people are still off work maybe a little freer later on we will see.
Firstly, well jared I think you have covered philmore and its issues, seems like they and whoever they are battling this times are going down the tubes won’t even try to pick over that can of worms.
I have never had issue with paypal though to be honest, the way I have my passwords set is strange.
I pair passwords for different things in some cases where it doesn’t matter then I don’t bother.
my bank has a password, my paypal has a password that is different.
My twitter has a password.
The router has a slightly different password.
My wireless has a password, one of the computers has a password.
And thats where it stops.
All free sites pre 2010 use basically the same password especially since if they get hacked its not going to effect me greatly.
Others have a password and a pin.
The only place that has a multistep security is the government login system which stores all info for public and government use.
1. its got a password and its also linked with several services which have a complex reg code to get them to be linked.
2. Its got a pin via mobile.
In some case services have voice.
In theory the system will have as many security measures as needed.
Lastly right now its got expiring photo id so every few years I need to show up to a varification place to get sorted out and re ided.
It may have extra stuff to eventually dna and fingerprints may be added and this is only the front end there will be the general security checks followed and other things ofcaused, spying and the other junk I guess all my stuff read.
On the other hand the interface has been made simple for the user and there are no capchas anywhere and info is via cell and email and if you have a problem support can be available.
I have never had any issue with paypal however I have got the odd bogus paypal email.
I have paypal and have used it a lot lately and never had a problem.
I do have a debit card, my main thing is if ever I get hacked or I become an impulsive shopper they can only spend what is in my backup checking account, that account doesn’t have everything.
As well as that, my dad uses a card with limited funds on it for added security.
I know you and some will really hate my guts for this, but I believe that malware, viruses, and even the breaches are not the problem we should worry about.
The theft is not anything to worry about the pron, spam, scams identity theft or the data lost, that is nothing.
What we need to worry about are 2 things.
1. sadly the news and media coverage generated about some of this stuff and the hype generated on this.
2. the rumors and scareware generated by this and I don’t mean the scareware and ransomware thus generated but the scareware/malware we generate.
2 examples.
1. windows is spying on you.
Straight away a lot of so called antispy apps were released.
Some with malware and some needing our cash.
2. y2k, the world is going to end and so a bunch of y2k apps are released.
Fact of the matter is us humans are capible of generating our own home made malware in our heads, we are curious bastards and like clicking links.
The old are especially vonrable as well as those not tech savi.
Even people like me can get overwhelmed with stuff.
I don’t mean disreguard all this stuff but we should take it all in context not just at face value.
Yes I know it goes on every day the evil but it doesn’t stop me.
I have a religious family uncle and aunt and cousins who for ages didn’t watch tv because of the evil, didn’t use the net because of the evil didn’t even use a mobile phone.
Now they do, most of them are fine a few though spend the entire day watching tv, or going round the net and getting into so much trouble I have had to stop servicing their systems as whenever I have they are in such a bad state I have had to reformat.
And I barely get it back and its broken again.
I think we shouldn’t shy away from this.
The word privacy has changed a lot.
Privacy is an offline word online all your info should be treated as public and that everyone can access your account and get and sell your identity online.
In other words we should treat our online and offline lives the same.
Not be stupid online and not think we can get away with murder either.
I know its hard to do, I mean its text I can do anything I want with text.
There you go.

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