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the crash letter issue 1

Welcome to the crash letter first issue.
I have decided that as part of the week I will post locally to here instead of using my personal blog for this stuff.
Basically I will list any tech related events and other events of interest.
I still encourage users that read this blog to read my blog
For personal stuff.

Well its that time of the week where microsoft releases patches however for a small notice or 2.
1. as of now adobe has not stopped flash distribution yet no idea why this is but for now you can get the latest version as normal.
2. no doubt some of you have got the system message from aim about their instant messenger being updated and everything shutting down.
This clearly has not happened as they said it would at least here in new zealand.
No responce from third party clients like miranda and miranda ng yet, no updates.
For now its all go, however it saddens me that such a lot of our old stuff is on the way out.
I remember using msn it was the first message protocal I used on windows xp no less with windows messenger 5.1.
Later on with broadband came skype and while skype is not the best of things to use, I can chat well enough and talk on it and its ok since msn accounts /live/ms accounts cross share their data if you choose.
Aim I am not sure I don’t use it for that much, however bar some limited irc access which I hardly use its the only reason I use miranda.
If aim goes I am really going to have to concidder removing miranda from my computer as I don’t use it that much.

On to updates.
Firstly I assume the site is stable since the outage but if it dissapears I will know what happened to that at least.
updates this week.
Most of these apply to servers only but since these optionals appear on win 7 and 8x units to who knows.
1. bitlocker.
Aparently there is an issue with bitlocker crashing on some systems if in a remote session.
This is fixed.
2. internet access will not work on a multiuser system if that system is in a remote with another user on a multiuser system and the server’s cpu is under a full load.
3 microsoft installers will not repair on a remoted system after a security update.
4. some ms server asia platform vms after a powercut, network outage etc will corrupt and not work.
Out of all these, while all are important the bitlocker one actually causes svchost to crash on local systems.
Lets hope that fixes the fast fan issue some of us get when svchost crashes.

Yesterday I attended the nvda con preamble techtalk presentation and found it good.
Sadly I needed to leave the house so I couldn’t watch it to its fullest.
You can find all conference info at http://nvda-kr.org/en/nvdacon.php
or http://nvda-kr.org/en for all archived recordings.
Nvda con has a twitter handle is nvdacon.
http://groups.io/g/nvda is the descussion list.
groups.io/g/win10 is the win10 group I think.
Contact info.
well is my email, send me anything you think I should cover next.
I plan to put these small articles out every month at least with smaller dumps each week but it depends on what info I have.
If anyone wants to contribute, comment or email me please.
Note text contributions and questions will be the best for now at least.
for now, goodbye and happy smashing!

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Last modified: March 15, 2016.

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