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The crash letter issue 2

Hi all.
Hmmm no feedback from users just yet but thats ok.
We have a load in this week’s swag to get through so lets jump to it shell we.

adobe flash 21 has a second update for this month as does java.
So far adobe has not shut down their distribution system for public access just yet but they will in time and I will probably set up a distribution node for myself so I can continue maintaining my systems, without using their add filled installer.
Well either that or try to use the installer and deselect the add which I can aparently do.
Next java has also an installer with amazon and yahoo offers, luckily you can deselect these.
From piriforms ccleaner, defragler and the ccleaner cloud are out this month as well as a gwx update which as usual if you have cleared it from running will run but on startup will not anymore.
We also have a klite 12.05 update.

This week has seen a couple things pop up suddenly as far as microsoft is concerned one sort of funny, some not so much.
A user on the nvda list complained about something asking him to uninstall a windows preview every time he checked for updates.
Aparently one of the controls is mislabeled.
According to redit and a few other sites, windows10 is a beta os and we should probably just go back to 7.
Its a real pitty for ms, because its clear from sites I read later that day that a lot of people want a traditional desktop os like windows7 for the desktop and a separate mobile os.
Ms decided to put online a chat bot called tay, according to the business insider, it was to learn from people on the net and learn conversations.
One floor though it aparently doesn’t know what it is saying.
Naturally someone found out about this and began sending it via social media raceist and hatefull words and tweats which it then posted reply tweats to.
These tweats promoted geniside, hitler and otther things.
Ms has taken tay offline to upgrade its security though its a simple but idiotic mistake someone should have checked in the first place.
From skype.com the first draft of a universal skype preview app is popping out to insiders thiis week.
I really hope they keep on trucking with skype desktop for the moment I firmly believe that for us blinks universal apps are not for us annd may never be accessable as much as desktop apps.
The apple conference has released the 5se which is a 5s with some mods.
Its got a 3 year long service date before upgrading.
Meanwhile in september the iphone7 iss due out, this is supposed to be thinner and have no headphone jack, a problem for visial and hearing impaired equally.
While ios is a lot better than standard things ie androidd to some extent I have no idea about the newer units or if they will sell.
I am happy for my old nokia.
Thats all for this week see you next time

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Last modified: March 26, 2016.

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