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Suplimental article for last week’s crashletter

Hi all.
Heck, third one out, and this time I am not sure how to respond to this.
I was going to push another crashletter tomorrow with this article and the update list but just decided to chuck out a supplement to last weeks article.
For those that don’t want to read it then this is the gist of the article.
Tay is microsoft’s baby litterally, she is an artificial inteligence (ai) which is an experiment for research.
So not the terminator yet or at least we hope.
She is not aware of what she says, and she also learns from people.
She sadly has a security floor, well not surprising I mean thats microsoft for you.
Anyway people on social networks got to know this, and worded their speech such that she responded with hatefull and raceist comments after all she is just a program.
Someone has released a petition on change.org to demand ms give her her freedom of speech.
I have only one question and this simply is why?
I will answer this article with a set of questions.
Why do you have spam filters?
Why do you have malware protection.
Why should you install security updates.
Why wouldn’t you filter content for your children.
What would happen if you yelled raceist comments in public or published them in the news paper.
What about call a person of a different race a remark to his face?
That is the basis of this.
I tried a few minutes ago to shove a rant and ended up really ranting to horrible to post.
Security is a big thing, spam is bigger, scams also.
Children need to be guided the right way.
Some content is not well it needs to be filtered.
Children will gro, and get smarter.
Machines grow and will get smarter.
But what if a machine thinks hate is ok?
What about if a child that knows no better thinks that all muslams are terrorists and all blacks nigggers?
My point is this.
The software doesn’t know that it is saying bad things it has no idea.
It also has no protection in being influanced.
Ok to put it another way, supposed tay was a super computer that controled all the worlds power and offensive nukes.
And someone hacked into it over social networks and with a few words influanced the system to launch would you complain then?
My point is simply that this is simply a mistake that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.
But obviously no one thought about thhat one.
This upgrade will make the thing smarter and will make those that made it smarter to I see no issue.
Its not like we are telling that all muslams are terrorists and that only the us government can tell it what to do are we!
Also from the thiswayup program I listen to on radio nz our governmental radio station online petitions make us feel good.
But they are non binding and therefore useless.
Ms will not do anything about a worthless petition bar maybe deleting it.
This actually leads me into another segment I was going to shove out tomorrow but that I will send today instead.
According to the same program publishers of things in general ie news papers and such are being hurt by add blocking software.
Some are going so far as to say you can’t get access to our content unless you turn off your malware protection and add blocking software.
Some are saying that if you pay you will get add free content.
So probably we will ennd up with more subscriptioons, and thats fine, ie if you read something a lot a professional publication at any rate you should allow its adds through and for hevens sake if they ask for a bit of cash pay for it so you can read the news.
So the free model may go the same way of the free internet down the drain.
Sadly the article did not mention aall the nasties out there.
I would be interested in what people think about this thing.
Sure advertisers are hurting, but what about all the malware, the fake updates, the viruses, etc.
I do I agree read adds, but we have been concentrating so much on security it was bound to happen.
My issue is that would you shut down your security software to just access a site that told you to probably not.
Would you spend a couple bucks a week to read all additions, archives and all bits and bobs on the go? any time you want, probably.
I will post tomorrow ann update pack if anything interesting pops up on here, or just a list on smeveriss.wordpress.com
Later all

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