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and another added entry to last week’s crashletter

Um, another addition on the tay saga.
Ok so ms tried again to like make the system work.
It starts talking about smoking drugs in front of the police and then overloaded and couldn’t handle its imputs it looks like.
Anyway its offline again this is really making ms a laughingstock now.
I don’t mind securing things but um what is interesting is that a teen bot seems to be a problem for them to like make.
They have several others which work just fine.
And we let these guys design our office and os products, no wander they need loads of updates all the time.

Speaking of updates, a new version of skype was released today, accompanied by a blog post on skypes garrage blog.
Microsoft wants to put chat bots in skype for video, audio and text and has released bots for review, a developer program to build them and a new client to support them and some examples.
As well as this in the build 2016 conference microsoft has announced that bash the shell in ubuntu linux and others may be coming to windows10, linux itself may be coming to windows 10 and that windows programs and some other things to do with cortana and other services may be expanding to linux, apple ios and android systems.
As well as this microsoft seems to want to branch out into linux so who knows.
In june this year another major upgrade for win10 users is schedualed, free for those on 10 allready aparently.
Hopefully more mistakes are fixed.

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