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moving on up

Hi all.
Well, looking at the network most users want to go to 10 so I am seriously looking at moving to that system.
There are a few systems that are still quite old but maybe that will run 10 fine enough.
I have to update one of my access packs before I can actually upgrade but we will see.
My dad is a streight upgrade he will need some modules updated but these are free.
Sometimes I wander what I could achieve with 10, especially on the bad days where 7 can be a bit of a bitch.
However today I turn on the system and remember why it is that I still have 7, its stable and today it ran nicely.
Speaking of 10, gwx was updated yet again with some other updates over the last few days not named, gwx tasks and triggers folder have been replaced so you need to turn off use sharing wizzard, and get full control on gwx triggers and then kill both folders again
With the end of upgrade offer looming I am in a bit of a bind now.
While upgrading would be the next thing, its been easy enough to remove the annoying gwx upgrade enough that its not a problem for me.
Then there is the fact that bar one system we have 3-6 year old boxes due to eventually get replaced so whats the point.
Then again, win7 may become the next xp, the only thing I may need is a better malware module all said and done and this may still be easier than upgrading.
While people have said they will upgrade for free not otherwise and 7 has met their needs.
A few interesting articles did come up at any rate.
Its no secret but an official looking mail from ms has stated that windows live mail is going to be no longer at least for ms accounts due to sync protocal and that all their hotmail, msn, live and outlook addresses are going to the new outlook system online or offline and that their mail app will handle this stuff.
I think the easier way will be for those of you that use windows live to 1. change to thunderbird and not use it and 2, get a gmail and shut down your live email address.
This week coming its update week which means I will be sitting round waiting for updates to download yet again.

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moving on up was released on May 7, 2016 at 1:38 pm by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: May 7, 2016.

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