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patch tuesday this month

Hi all.
No crashletter this week because nothing to report at all.
Firstly before we get into the updates for this week, I just would like to say, hackers/whistleblowers need to check their data before releasing.
By now you will know about the panama disaster where a hacker dumped a whole lot of data online about alegal law companies and forign trusts online with names, addresses, and other info.
Just about everyone that is everyone is named in this.
Investigations or denials have been launched depending on what country and plans to bann anything forign from trusts to forigners coming in to said countries.
Now it has been revealed that out of the 2 databases released, researchers think that half of them may be as a result of spam and scam attacks.
What is worse, is that it may just be a data dump and most info can’t be varified.
Blowing the whistle is fine but come foreward and own up like a man.
This guy is not even identifying himself which itself means he is not confident in himself or the info he is dumping.
And while over the last 2 weeks I was ready to concidder it hmmm now I wander if it can’t be traced what good is it.
It maybe that this dumper is trying to destabelise the world if so he has achieved the objective.
On one hand he may be improving the situation in making people aware of the issues, but he is also catching things like charities in the middle.
I don’t usually bring my political opinions to the net per say especially with the new antiterror laws but I do think that this guy’s fame is waring thin, I wouldn’t discredit all this yet but if it can’t be varified its like bombing the house of parliment or an airport.
It makes no sence and this makes no sence.
I do agree we may have some issues to solve, the bad guys will find another loophole I am sure.
However if it can not be varified I actually think this guy needs to be found and shut up for causing all this drama before someone gets hurt if not allready.
This slander must stop and it may as well be if there is no proof.
This guy has locked up the news for the last 2 weeks and may in fact lock up things for longer, changing laws, etc.
If it can not be proven I think the best way is to silence this thing and continue as if nothing had happened.
The second best way would be to sort it but do we really want to go with a large trash dump especially when there is so much of it allready in our news?

And now on to the updates
adobe dc has an update for this month, as well as dropbox.
Due to dropbox not releasing release notes, I am not going to release a version number.
I feel that if they are not willing to release an update properly I won’t release one either.
windows10 updates.
Yes, now I have a win10 machine out and online I am going to release updates.
Win10 strategy is to release all updates for the month in a cumulitive build update.
The number is technical and long, several updates to dotnet and such are mentioned as well as flash.
On that note adobe has yet to release a flash update this month.
The only change with this update is that errors I have been having with icloud yesterday are gone.\

Firstly we have the brouser updates, you guys know what the ms ones are for now.
And you know what they are for to its been the same for the last year or more its not even worth mentioning remote execution.
The same updates are released every month along with the malware removal tool.
the same reason above applies to the java and visual basic scripters.
And surprise, surprise applies to office to.
The next update is the same but for ms graphics engine.
Next is the same but for journal viewer who uses that now anyway.
Next is for the shell, ofcause it can only be a problem for those that click links in emails for dodgy websites the same remote execution.
The next is for iis.
All I can say is don’t let a untrusted person access your server, simple really.
Next the same thing but for windowsmedia centre which is not in 10 and well scan your files people and don’t click links.
In fact just don’t use media centre.
Next update is for the kernal, again this is not a problem unless you let someone access your system locally ie they have to break into your office.
Shared computer users should be aware with some of these though I don’t recomend it but I know some friends that still do this.
Next is a remote access violation.
If you don’t need to remote, turn it off.
If you do though by all means keep your remote updated.
We then have a kernal drivers update, another of the be carefull of who you trust to access your stash cases.
Need I say more.
Next we actually have a security update to stop an actual man in the middle attack for dotnet, you need this one.
Next we have an update to get past secure mode.
I can actually think of several reasons to get past windows secure mode myself.
Its one of the reasons I am probably staying with 7.
The final update has to do with a usb drive incorectly configured over a remote session this can be bad.
To be honest though avoid this by not having any usb devices connected that don’t need to be.
I don’t now have my drives connected unless they need to be used, you shouldn’t have these connected anyway.
Out of all those 16-20 for 7 and office depending what you have.
only 6 for windows 10 and up.
Out of that cut out mrt and flash, the 2 updates for dotnet and you have 2 actual updates.
In other windows, cut out all the office updates as well and its acutally quite good.
I was able to get all updates at a reasonable fast clip though I got up really early to handle the updates.
In terms of updates it wasn’t that bad.
The next thing to say is that I did a half win10 review.
That is that I upgraded dad’s pc with win10 and have done a desktop runthrough.
After configuring task manager, finding out how to enter admin mode on various programs, and how to set some settings I think I know what I am doing.
I have not as yet tried the online cloud version of the system.
I am unsure weather I will go the whole hog to try to sevenise win10 for myself.
I do know that it is possible at least for me as a pro user to get rid of the stupid lock screen without having to edit the registry.
I have also been able to effectively remove the quickaccess by putting it to the current pc and to actually remove any info from ever being displayed in there in the first place.
I am unsure if I want to remove the ribbons and set the start menu to a more traditional menu but I may just do that we will see.
Things I havn’t touched are the cloud half of the os, I want to for example to signin to the apps using ms account without conversion of my account to ms account.
I want to be able to use universal apps and go shopping for stuff like that.
While I am able to use the pc as it is I also want to see what cortana can do.
For my dad I won’t need the other half of the thing but win10’s strength relys on linking lots of devices together via the cloud.
For myself I have started the quoting process for the new supernova screen reader as I use this for a few things still.
Dad also wants me to upgrade his office instal to the next version which I will do tomorrow.

The following further updates have been released today of note is klite codec pack 12.13
windows 7 users have a configuration update to the diagnostics, aparently this is to fix some inacurate info.

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Last modified: May 11, 2016.

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