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Tech podcast 244’s show notes

Hello everyone, we’re here better late than never in the podcast release department. I’ve got podcast 244 on the RSS feed. The show notes includes links to articles in which I am going to share, although the initial release missed one link.

Hi folks, we have a lot of stuff on the podcast, make sure you check out the links we are pointing out which will be in the show notes. K7 and laser, breach talk, ransomware, criminals getting caught, and a whole lot more.

Podcast 244:

Hope you enjoy the show!

Informazioni sull'articolo

Tech podcast 244’s show notes was released on May 22, 2016 at 2:24 pm by tech in podcast announcements.
Last modified: May 22, 2016.

Comments (5)

  1. Comment by crashmaster date 25 May 2016 alle 15:26 (),

    Hi jared.
    Ok a lot of things to think about.
    Firstly backups, yeah its amazing how it all goes to shit when you get a virus.
    Usually its not a problem but if your torrent sync share has users with write access get infected or if you have a public write access key then it can get hairy.
    Saying that if you give out a public write access key even if its a colaberation project its misused to buggery.
    With dropbox, and some of these clouds there is little control at least if you are a paying user.
    If not I havn’t found any way to bann anyone from the site you can ofcause remove them but can’t stop them coming back.
    Its meant a lot of folders and shares had to be closed.
    The only saving grace of bt sync is you can do read only access but what happens if a lagit user is infected.
    I wouldn’t use dropbox or the cloud for everything but backups in general are not that safe anyway a think I know far to well.
    10 years back I had my first hdd fail and was able to replace it, a couple months after the second hdd, I was lucky.
    Earlyy this year, I had a flash drive I had used for ages decide to drop its hash and lost everything on it, it was not that important and I could replace it.
    However an old drive I had been using since 2000 decided it would fail fully, along with 3 backups one of them just days old and hardly used.
    I was able to get the data off the failing drive only to find that all of it or a good majority of stuff while their names existed all insides were dammaged from programs, to audio books and files.
    Had my slowing down new failed drive hadn’t been semi active I wouldn’t have been able to get the more than .5tb of data back.
    I plug both drives in whenever I get data to update programs, audio, etc daily but never leave them in unless I need them.
    This means they don’t idol all day long.
    Saying that I am battling my antivirus that has decided that a lot of my programs are spyware or trogens so I have had to exclude a number of program and system folders so they don’t get mangled.
    In another case I was handling my uncle’s small business.
    It has a couple ancient units, a workstation a server, and 4 remote workstations.
    One of them was slow but never got working right.
    I am never sure with his users as they are lax on backups, clicking links, and security.
    Often the network is full of pirated software and such and some users treat me like I am a robot from the slave planet.
    Anyway, both server and the primary workstation were on their last chips.
    I backed up the workstation to the server, and then tried to get it reformatted and prepaired for sale or trashing.
    It didn’t want to get working right so it was smashed.
    Meanwhile the server had been showing signs it was up for heaven’s gate so we went off and got a couple of units.
    Cheaply ofcause and then had them modified.
    Both units came up within a day and then were ready to load data on.
    Most of the data was on clouds onedrive, dropbox and google drive and a good thing to.
    I tried to power the server to do the transfer, and nothing.
    I tried again, this time it did power but the drives and raid controler refused to power.
    The stuff in ofcause incripted but thats not a problem as long as it powers.
    We took it to be fixed.
    Right away the tech opened the system and powered it up.
    Instantly though I only heard from my uncle he smelt smoke and noticed that the main power supply had broken and in fact was on fire fully.
    So no wander would the raid system unlock the drives its smart.
    The problem though was that all data is effectively gone.
    The tech said he would try to recover the data, as its still there but it has to be done manually.
    No origional box means no decription.
    And even if we can get the data back well who knows.
    The main thing lost was the email database for the server.
    The only person that exclusively uses this database is the office girl and most everything is scattered on 2 cloud accounts which myy uncle accesses from his phone workstation and tablet.
    In the long term its not a big issue, some data was backed on an old 120gb hard drive which is itself rather old.
    Now, everything is working data progress is good but not much is known.
    My uncle can’t afford the thousands of dollars for a actual recovery and decryption.
    The tech at the shop promised to get us the information but since we can’t afford it as such, its going to be slow, and he will do it in his free time.
    So we may get the data back within the next 1-5 years at best estimate.
    Since its a few things not backed up and the mail database its not a problem.
    Ofcause even if we get it back it is vary likely that even if it can be hacked any physical dammage to the system could have dammaged it.
    And even if that is possible, we won’t get it back in order.
    The onlyy wayy to be realy secure sadly jared if you must is still the old backup things to cds method and store them and also the old paper in folder method.
    That has its own issues ofcause.
    I do think the physical safe is probably the only way to keep things going.
    At any rate, we should try to remember to continue the old ways of writing and storage we used to have as when the next nuke war comes, and believe me we are probably not that far from one of those the way the world is, we can kiss basically most technology including our online backups good bye.
    Paper and old stuff will remain as well as things like tapes, and maybe some recorders like that.
    Ofcause flash devices may survive a bit more but even then.
    I have alwayys backed up things, I have a couple 2tb drives, my dad does and my brother has 1 of them.
    We have computers with hard drives just for data alone so we should be ok.
    My next thing to buy is a file server with raid and several drives.
    Ofcause if yyou are like me extremely unlucky, you could loose everything.
    I had a friend involved in the mamouth christchurch quakes last year and while his stuff was ok, I know a few that lost everything down to their stereos and even their lives.
    I think the message out of all of this is be as safe as you want and create as much backups as you need.
    Eat what you want within limits and try to keep up but not follow trends to closely.
    Stuff can and often does change and change all the time.
    And there is always someone out for a quick buck.

  2. Comment by tech date 24 May 2016 alle 19:27 (),

    OK, I’ve found wat went wrong, wnd have resolved it. Should be up in awhile. Silly me.

  3. Comment by crashmaster date 24 May 2016 alle 11:03 (),

    Hmmm just checked this morning, no show, no file nothing

  4. Comment by tech date 23 May 2016 alle 16:05 (),

    Enter your comment here…Truly sorry! I found the files, however, they were in the wrong place. I’m reuploading it since I can no longer copy and paste.
    It’ll be up soon, just check the audio feed in a little while. Thanks for the notification and sorry again!

  5. Comment by crashmaster date 23 May 2016 alle 14:24 (),

    Jared, the actual file and heading for the podcast 244 is missing off the audio site.
    Just thought you should know that

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