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New tech support scams mimic ransomware, lock users’ computers from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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New tech support scams mimic ransomware, lock users’ computers

I just read this articile entitled New tech support scams mimic ransomware, lock users’ computers and this is just sad. The article title is longer than the link I’m giving you which is also the blog post title. I just can’t see myself trying to pay $250 to unlok my PC after I reboot to clear up memory or whatever else I need to reboot for. We as people with disabilities understand that money can be a problem, howevber, the people behind these tactics don’t have any idea who they’re targeting in this particular instance, and we need to be prepared by doing everything we can to be as safe as possible. Your thoughts are welcome.

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New tech support scams mimic ransomware, lock users’ computers was released on May 21, 2016 at 8:22 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: May 21, 2016.

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  1. Comment by crashmaster date 22 May 2016 alle 14:38 (),

    Which is why we should not click.
    Sadly some still do.
    I have an addblocker and noscript on firefox which should mean less of these things.
    Commen sence still applies, your spam mail is spam mail.
    Not every add is a good add.
    Sadly, it does bring up the debate had a couple weeks ago where I posted that lagit companies are being locked out of the advertising market and either require a subscription or you to turn off your add and script blocker to use a site.
    Coolsoft where I get my soundfont synth displays a message, you are unable to access this site because you are using add blocking software.
    And its going round the news pages to.
    So to access that site I have to shut down all my security to do it.
    Its not a problem per say for that site but it may be in the future.
    I have a couple audiogame sites where while the sites are allowed some content is not ie downloading the software and I have to disable things for that and its going to get worse.
    I am not sure where it all goes, however I do really think there needs to be a solution where say we can get buy without hurting lagit companies while keeping ourselves safe.
    If a lagit company is hacked and it has happened before we all know, and they want to turn off your add software to access the site and the malware is on the site then its going to clash.
    Criminals know this and it will clash more often.
    Point is advertising is going for the big companies to and addblocks and spyware prevention tools are hurting them.
    Some want a subscription base, though I find for my local rag thatt to run subscribed means I’d have to make a commitment of at least 200-300 bucks a year to read the paper online and I don’t know if I would do that for just the paper.
    Now if it meant an offline and online subscription with a blind customised daisy coppy which I could listen to bits of while training at my local gym maybe I would as I often listen to the news.
    Or if it comes with broadband, I have friends that get all sorts of things from music to streaming tv to everything they want with their service and that is the way where its going.
    I do think some sort of descussion will need to happen to sooner rather than later because the legals are trying to cash in on advertising, and these are local businesses like news organisations, etc as their print volumes shrink.
    Bottem line is, I see no future in it if we have to shut down our security, get infected and have to either reformat or pay the scammers to get our stuff back just because we want to read the fucking paper!
    My thing is to be honest that a casual reader can’t read the entire thing on and off etc.
    Yes there are places I can get free info and yes I know I should be reading things but at 20 bucks a month, I’d really need to read the paper daily and although I could in theory do this, I have other things to do.
    Ie all my computer things, games, gym and then quiet time.
    For the blind that actually means staying away from our fucking access tech.
    There are some days where I am really shitty and have to sit at my desk because I know I will have a shitload of stuff to get through that day to get ready for the next.
    The paper is usually not at the top of my list in fact it may not ever be at the top of any list at any time.
    For me, paying for the paper um.
    I guess if it was 10 bucks a month I’d read it or if it was 20-50 bucks a month for audio download I’d listen to it in bits but there comes a point where sitting in front of my honest to god bla bla speech synth even a good one means you really can’t sit to long without falling a sleep at the board which I have done after a while.
    Sadly its another blow for the legal companies.
    One good thing is that I don’t get any of these though sometimes they popup and I have to be quick not to click because cheaky windows open, and I have to close firefox quick and open it again.
    On the other side, I have watched my newspaper shrink from the size of a good paper to the size of a pamphlet.
    I have heard about print volumes dropping, the decline of mail, and various things changing.
    The digital world is the way to go.
    We need to battle scum a lot more harder it seems.
    If the newspapers and some sites want our addblockers off for access to their systems for public use or subscriptions we will have to decide what we read in the future.
    I also do think that there needs to be a subscription plan that won’t break the bank as such.
    Now I’d pay 100-150 bucks for an entire year or 2 years of paper reading and keep it up if it would be fully accessible.
    I do think though this will get much worse.
    Its not worth reading any paper if you turn off your security and have to pay to get things put back.
    On the otherside all these scammers and such may help legal paper subscriptions just maybe.
    For me, I will stay with the government radio net which is although add supported able to be downloaded, with stories able to be read and some of the free news reads.
    Eventually I may join the subscription bandwaggon but I am going to have to make sure I am not to overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information.

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