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coffee code

Welcome to this here article.
Someone shoved it at me today and I thought I’d share it
Basically just for a laugh some guy decided to have a http language for
coffee machines.
It was just for a laugh but it sort of became some standard.
Now I want one of these.
I can imagine such things as getting coffee from a server, and get an
error 404, out of coffee, ie you need to fill your machine.
Or something like that.
I guess you could hack things to.
My issue is, that unless you could teleport a cup to your location, you
would have to be close to your machine to get it.
If that was the case it would be easier to get your coffee.
On the other hand if you were blind, had a coffee machine, loaded it,
had some convayer to get it to your desk you could request a cup when
you wanted.
I am unsure if I would use it.

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coffee code was released on July 16, 2016 at 11:27 pm by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: July 16, 2016.

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