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Cybercrime Overtakes Traditional Crime in UK from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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Cybercrime Overtakes Traditional Crime in UK

Hello folks,

I saw this through Krebs on security, Cybercrime Overtakes Traditional Crime in UK is the article. It was posted on Krebs two days ago. I found the article quite interesting. I wonder why it is the UK where it is so high, when those of us in the United States have been breached, even myself twice in one year? Is that not considered cybercrime when 21 million people’s information is taken? Thoughts are welcome.

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Cybercrime Overtakes Traditional Crime in UK was released on July 17, 2016 at 7:09 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: July 17, 2016.

Comments (2)

  1. Comment by crashmaster date 18 July 2016 alle 14:30 (),

    I am not surprised
    To be honest its natural with crime.
    We all know they go towards what is popular in the market.
    First it was diamonds and such back before the 1900s and so on gold etc, etc.
    Any big echonomic rush this happens its a fact of the universe.
    Then in the 1960s it was drugs.
    Now its the net’s turn.
    True drugs trafficing and piracy are as big as they ever will be, there is also terrorism.
    I think, this does show more importantly that the net is now part of real world or emulating real world markets to this extent.
    In one way thats bad because of all the breaches, on the other, if the net is emulating real world markets robberies , etc I could see someone being killed for their email address etc then arguably now we are intergrated real world laws should be easier to apply.
    Fact is the net is not the nitch it once was just like radio back in the 20s, its becoming a bigger and bigger part of our lives.
    An essential tool that we can not do without.
    I remember, 20 or so years ago when we had no net, now we are born into the collective mind and see no different.
    There was a time when people were real people and work was real work.
    But hmmmm that time is gone.
    My mums days, computers were not for consumers that was back in the 50s.
    I have family that can remember when tv was in a nitch of its own and further back to when the same happened with radio, the car, the plane, etc.
    Give another hundred years internet crime will not even exist it will just be added to the currentt crime we allready have and this is happening.
    And to be honest its good its happening.
    Once the new tech stops being new, the hype dies off and we can finally git things roling with laws and things we can all aggree on.
    The latest tech is fibre and some satelite and I struggle to see a future where you would need to go faster than 100mbps for consumers.
    For businesses and those that pay you can get 1-2 gb speeds and while I’d like it, my shitty 15mbps static is enough for me and my needs.

  2. Comment by tech date 18 July 2016 alle 20:10 (),

    Hi Shaun,
    Interesting comments. Yes, I’m sure it ws coming for sure, and yes, it could be a matter of time where it will hit everywhere. Thanks for your thoughts.

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