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The ABC’s of technical writing, assignment 2

On assignment 2, not formatted right as I did it on a mac instead of the PC, but still got my 30 points. On the assignments, it wants us to discuss two aspects of technical writing and what would be expected of each. It was to be in two paragraphs which I did, but it came back as one.

One aspect of technical writing is the software documentation. Software documentation includes any aspect of writing material associated with the particular software product. For example, you have an internet browser, and in the browser, you have different options and other things that need to be documented for the user so they can read about how it works. This would be put under the user documentation aspect of the technical writing umbrella. The other aspect of technical writing is the full on technical writing which programmers would use to document their progress and what it means for others to work on the project as well. This is good for open source projects which use an API (application program interface) where it hooks in to other parts of the net. The other aspect of technical writing is blogs. Blogs can be used to communicate hidden features of products, or to generate conversation about certain aspects. I’ve shared lesson 1 of this course, and other assignments from other courses I’ve taken here. Interesting thoughts on what I’ve written and other views. I do not share the lesson text, I just share my assignment only. You can check out the blog at https://technology.jaredrimer.net to see how i’ve incorporited this.

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