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pokomon go and other things

Hi all.
To jared and the rest, the reason I have not commented about pokomon go is that I have not any opinion on it.
So should we be concerned about it.
Firstly refer to the posts on cybercrime.
This is the beginnings of vertual reality using the real world as the primary navigational element is not new dimentions did it, to some success on the ios devices.
Now, this new tech will be abused there is no doubt in that but so will technology.
This is a new fad, and it may take off.
So we will have to get rules round that.
So we start with the advantages.
1. a community of people playing together potentially chatting, talking, moving round, getting points, etc.
This reminds me of the ugio trading card cartoons and the trading card promos on chip packets.
Sure you ended up making junk food which was bad but you did make cash, my brother used to sell trading cards online till the promo ended and the market dried up.
On a similar note my cousins and I would look for game cards my cousins mainly and buy them.
If you knew to go you culd buy them cheap, it always got to the point where you were missing that card etc.
For me it got me closer to the family.
In this game thing I could see potential advantages.
1. going into a shop or place supporting the game, say a gym and working out, getting fit, and getting your char fit to.
Actually having this equate to real time.
Buy in game perchices, ie food, real food as would be in game with trading cards maybe, right packaging, etc.
Seeing posters at game locations of actual locations and logos and collecting those.
Having to interact in real time with people and stop using your phone or device to do that.
Progressing in real life while progressing in the game life to.
Getting jobs or related things in the game but also in real life, getting payed cash and game points.

Ok, utopian fancies asside this sadly doesn’t happen damn us humans!
It should but its not.
This pedefile is just the tip of the iceburg.
Marrages have broken up and jobs have been lost.
People are trespassing into others properties just to get points or because they are not watching where they are going.
People will kill to play the game or find things in it.
In one case dead people have been found in trains.
We all know that phubbing a commen english word in some paper for using phones all over the place is happening.
People are not talking they are glued to their devices more than ever.
This reality game is promoting antisocial and violent gbehavior just like the rest of the net is doing and technology in general.
What does that mean?
I don’t know, firstly we spend so much time on our devices even my dad does when he should be talking that it doesn’t matter.
Fact is, I doubt the advantages above will ever happen.
We will have to probably restrict the vr world and I wouldn’t be surprised that this orgmented reality may become alegal and people banned from using the game.
Its just to dangerous to use.
I must say though having grown up playing trading cards with friends that it was cool to get the card and some related thing weather it be a chocolate bar or a gimic or something.
I remember when I used to like some movies like indipendance day we have some old disks, models, etc floating round the house.
Its impossible to know where this will actually go though.
On the tech side while its aparently fixed, the program uses your gps location and potentially your google account, giving those that play and developers and others maybe access to email, and everything else you own.
Thats always a contentious issue, its happening on a government level but the fact it can be misused is high.
I still have people that talk about privacy with things like medical records and credit cards like it was before the net.
Privacy is just one of these old fashoned words that died with the net.
Your email, personal data, passwords, credit card in fact everything you own is public to someone and or everyone it doesn’t matter.
My only issue thing I’d have would be identity theft or those taking advantage of this or that.
Or modifying things.
Also if you don’t need permition for that extra access it may be safer to get access to what you need and not all of it.

What will need to happen is that services need to get access to what is needed but not just have all access to dump information even if they don’t use it its unnecessary at best and could be a problem for you at worse especially if you never meant to access that in the first place.

On another note, its close to the end of july and ms really wants you to get windows 10.
For those that have allready read this blog you should allready have removed it.
In this case once the windows 10 app pops up in the trey, kill it from task manager.
restart your computer after updates are installed and recheck updates which will take a bit longer than usual but should be ok.
Ms has not done the changes usually needed to get it staying active so they may not be bothering this close.
Again, a poor whimpy way to get us on 10 its actually easier for all of us to remove the update than installing 10.
The way I showed earlier, we can do it in such a way ms is unaware we even have done so.
And even if they are they can’t tell us that.
No settings are changed either.
For all of those on 10 allready skip this next part as its not for you.
For those that want to upgrade, you may have a slow time of it in fact you will have to upgrade again next week ro 2 when the next redstone build comes so good luck.
To the rest of us, those that are happy with our computers, you will be happy to know that the time of the microsoft gwx trogen is finally coming to an end.
Microsoft will end the upgrade for the win10 program with in the coming week or so.
Remove the update if it appears you have been fighting this long on your legal coppies of windows.
I am happy its finally over.
Hopefully in 5 years microsoft will update things and fix things.
Else for me no more new computers if I want to stay legal that is.
my i5 duel works, I could see myself with an i5-7 quad with 8-16gb ram, a ssd and hdd combo, dvd or blueray player, though dvd would be fine, wireless, and thats about it.
I need usb ports but thats it.
I have no bluetooth devices to speak of and thats the way I like it.

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pokomon go and other things was released on July 19, 2016 at 12:32 pm by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: July 19, 2016.

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  1. Comment by tech date 19 July 2016 alle 18:23 (),

    Enter your comment here…Hi Shaun,
    This is all real world stuff, and the article you are comment about if true, makes it interesting and a real world issue. This is something we need to worry about. I just don’t understand if someone is forbidden to do something because of a legal issue, they should be mindful of that.

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