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Internet specialist 101: E-mail and when is it best used

Going back in to the archives, I’m posting assignment 3 of the Internet Specialist 101 course. On this course, we learn a lot of things, but this lesson talked about E-mail, what constitutes an E-mail address, and ways to use it. The lesson assignment asked why we would use an E-mail address.

The E-mail address given is one of many for me, you may use it if you want.

An E-mail address is established in two parts. The first is unique to you, while the second is unique to the ISP or site you signed up with. For example, my address is which has my first name, and personal.jaredrimer.net is where it belongs as part of my sub domain on jaredrimer.net which is the TLD on the site.

I use my E-mail address for communication, get on lists with another, and I also use it for business. I rarely use BCC, but have when needed to send a message to staff as well as a corespondant. I mainly use the to field, or the carbon copy field. I personally do not deal with confidential stuff, but if I did, I would use BCC more. In fact, today, I’d use a file sharing service such as sendspace, or dropbox, to send a link and make the recipient download it.

Most ISP’s and mail providers have limits on attachments, usually about 20mb now a days. Back in the day, attachment sizes were 10mb. I use attachments all the time, and am causcious on what I open because of the virus problem which really got started after Melissa, Nimda, and Code Red in the early part of the 2000s era. In fact, Code Red took out superior-software.com and what was the beginning of MENVI which was hosted there until 2005. Now, I run a network and am aware of the security risks of what is going on.

When I started with E-mail, we did not have anything to worry about, and web sites were basic. Now, we must be careful what we open, what files do to our PC’s, and teach people every day what is up in the security field.

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Internet specialist 101: E-mail and when is it best used was released on July 23, 2016 at 10:12 pm by tech in class assignments.
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