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Effective E-mail communication, assignment 1, E-mails that bother you

On the first assignment of this class I started but now deciding to share about, the instructor asked us to describe E-mails that annoy us or what annoys us in regards to E-mail communication. Here is my first assignment of this course.

The most irritating E-mail I get are the E-mails that don’t seem to have proper structure. Recently I delt with a company who did replace my item, and I was very nice to them. However, maybe I’m bias, but I didn’t think the E-mail was written well at all. Here is one such E-mail.

Dear Jared Rimer , Thank you so much for your communication and letting us know the problem. We do appreciate it so much. We are so sorry to know that the item was not make you satisfied. Could you please take a photo of the item and tell me your order number? No hard feelings, it’s just our routine work and will also help us find out the exact reason for the problem in order to avoid the same problem again. And we will surely give you a most satisfactory solution for you. Thank you so much for your help and understanding. And we sincerely believe nothing can be a problem with communication. Best regards,

I don't even know who I was even talking to.  I agree that effective communication should be part of solving any type of issue whether an item became defective, or whether we're writing a letter for a job purpose.  If you are dealing with the public, you should have people who are fluent in the language.  

Another example:

Hello, I’m so sorry about the inconvenience caused to you. This is an exception. How about I give you a coupon code that value $6.99, and it only for the purchase of our products, Could we trouble you place an order again with this coupon code .If you don’t like it, we would like to refund $6.99 to you to show our sincerity. What’s your idea?Do you agree with me? Any question or problem, do not hesitate to contact us. It’s our biggest pleasure to serve you. Look forward to your reply.
While I take these from E-mail through a buffer my access technology provides to put it in here, the best regards, and looking forward to your reply are where they should be on their own line. However, I have no idea who I’m dealing with, and of course, I can’t even call them by phone which is another pet peeve of mine.

What does this tell me about the sender?  It tells me that they are trying to help a community and their language is not as good as someone who speaks the language.  I don't expect perfect, but I would like to see it done enough to understand.  I don't see this with all E-mail, I see this type of thing more with companies outside the United States.  

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