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more twinery

Hi all.
Well one game I missed out on playing but got to last night was single dad in space.
Sadly I never completed it as such because I never got some stuff to run.
I believe you can save your ship maybe.
Anyway, you are on a passenger liner.
It hits an asteroid, and gets dammaged.
The reactor is spewing radiation, the air is leaking and there is a hole in the hull.
Your son is stuck under a crate in the cargo bay.
You have 2 minutes before you die.
You can ofcause run.
The moment you save your son you are dead.
You need to get the reactor fixed, you get radiated.
You have to fix the hull.
You have to fix life support which didn’t work for me.
You need to get your son out of there.
You need to run.
You do that and you die.
It is interesting at least.
In other news dropbox has another updated version.
Not much more but sonnis has just released the gdc 2016 development library now.
go to forum.audiogames.net and you will find the link to get that under the development forum in its own thread.
Thats all for now.
I will be committing an update to my personal diary soon.

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