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twining away

Hi all.
I was going to put this on the personal blog, but since its all tech related its going here.
Firstly, I have fiddled round with all the articles, everything seems to be going up and down.
2 things of note came up while I was reading the net news.
Firstly, aparently, the fbi just shouldn’t be trusted because they can lose keys.
To put it simply, microsoft has on preasure of fbi and others created a backdoor into windows secure boot as well as other systems so the government can spy on users supposedly for national security.
As it goes thats a contentious issue but its fine.
Right, now that is not the problem.
The problem as reported in a uk news site is the keys have gone missing.
So yeah, nice to be secure but you lose your keys?
This is just really weird.
My question is simply this, you want to spy on us to be secure apple didn’t want to give you a key maybe they knew.
Microsoft did.
You lost it.
The article says that microsoft by mistake released the keys into the wild creating a security hole to patch.
Due to the nature of this it may never be able to be propperly closed.
This is not that bad, what is worse is that all those that are supposed to protect us and ms and others that give them backdoor access are having a bad time of it.
I am not going to shove it down and say we need our privacy, this is a totally dumb and fucking irrisponsable way to go.
Look at the state of the world and just look.
Excluding trump getting in power maybe, we really can’t stay behind our privacy shield and hope all the bad guys fuck off, because it won’t happen.
We share most of our private lives online, most of our private info is stored online.
There is then no problem just busting what is allready online online.
If we are not doing anything bad we have nothing to fear from those that protect us.
We may have to fear every office clerk in existance that just happens to lose things however.
I mean I’d hate to see the end of our existance due to someone losing the keys to our largest nuke because they suddenly needed to look for pokemon or have a coffee break or something, that would suck.
The scarey thing is that actually could happen.
I had a boss in early 2001 that was managing our student flat lifeskills course and he got all of us well most of us on the round the bays course.
He however has a really bad addiction.
If you can imagine a chain smoker, double that with a pot smoker and a drunk, well that was what he was with coffee.
He couldn’t survive without it.
I have heard him tell me once that he drank over 27 cups one day.
Anyway, in the middle of the run, he needed a coffee break.
He missed the rest of the course and lost the entire group.
They had to take a taxi, and then well they were not happy.
So yeah with all the stress in the world its only a matter of time before something like this happens because someone needs a drink.

The other thing that has come up I will get to in a minute but first the list of updates.
2 updates for win7 one critical, one optional, unknown and undocumented what they are.
updates for office excell, and outlook junkmail.
klite mega 12.35 updates a codec but also adds latest win10 enhancements, overrides the need for getting beta software 12.31.
winten essentials 16.08.1 has more improvements.
Nvda 2016.3, translation freeze, updating in 2 weeks rc is next week.
teamtalk 5.1.7 released.
ccleaner 5.21 out, installer accessibility has got a lot less but the program seems ok still.
for those updating to aniversery update when running adobe reader dc, for the first time you may see a windows install come up for a second.
Unsure if this is a repair or downloading of an update but it must automatically do it.
A note to those still updating to aniversery update of windows10.
Some laptops from dell and fujitsu will not upgrade or be totally unstable due to a camera driver that is not working.
These will happen on some older laptops, please check manufacturers to see if its still supported.

And now onto some more pleasent things.
Over the last week I have taken a break from the internet to play games from ifarchive in a language called twine.
Twine is a text language completely in html with the option to make games in purely menu driven story mode, or with java script, html5 etc.
Can accept youtube, soundcloud and other links for audio.
The following games are worth it.
the entire pile is under ifarchive.org in games/twine and the directory is about 300mb in size.
While most games work, some do not.
Out of these are a few that I really enjoyed.
a curias tale by.
SJ Griffin
The game is set in a apocoliptic world, everything has gone nuts, its the standard story.
You play the role of a delivery guy on the job.
You are getting little cash though and switch to another company.
Its the biggestone in existance and you should be ok.
Trouble is you don’t get anything because your boss seems an entire fuckwad and just doesn’t want to give you jobs.
Suddenly a person gives you one.
Take it, and well.
This is like the matrix in many ways.
In this you will have various things going on.
Getting away from bad gangs, handling a few bad guys.
Handling the corrupt police, handling corrupt government, other companies wanting you and well a few other situations like the streets.
You get the opertunity to join some major organisation fighting for freedom.
This is linked to a free book on smashwords
you should be directed there at the end of the game but if you don’t get there or you don’t want the game, put SJ Griffin into smashwords.com search and get the books.
The vanguard trilogy tells the story from where the game left off.
there are 3 books in the vanguard series, the first is free.
the other 2 cost 1.50 bucks each, so 3 bucks just for playing a game and I have 3 books to read.
I may even read them now I have played the game.
I would recomend you play the game first, then download the first book.
I got the books so yeah get those to.
2. beutiful dreamer.
You live in a village which happens to be on top of an ancient shrine buried under the earth for thousands of years and well its coming up in the middle of the city.
Soon everyone will have to find somewhere else to go but for now things are interesting.
I am assuming that this world is an an alternitive reality, demention or timeline to us.
There are imortal gods, the god of dreams is one and the god of wind.
You wake up, and well you need to find your way through a dream sequence with a few adventures.
There is a eaten book, you need to read to the end to page 65 to get the password to enter a special ariea to get things.
This book combines fantasy and technology probably a bit more advanced than our current state.
It does appear that the gods and humans seem to live with eachother and find it fine.
The gods are gods the humans are mostly normal humans.
The game is a bit abstract but heck I like it.
3. sleep.
You and your friends one of them at least could be gay as well as you maybe.
The game is basically centered round a guy called nathan that is testing a drug for unknown reasons.
You dream but your dreams are almost real, more real than dreams.
This has fantasy and some weird microworld in it.
Your computer, has most of the back story in it.
You also have our standard technology.
4. the entropy cage.
Imagine a future when robots rule the world.
Imagine if they also have emotions of a sort and feel.
Imagine if they have religian.
One group seeking to become master of it all, one wanting to see what there is to see.
Its all in the about page of the game.
You are basically a computer doctor, and you need to stop the war between the 2 groups as it has stopped them from doing their duties right.
Because of this many people are being killed and other things are going wrong.
There are many endings, most of them bad, either you inslaved by robots, or you failing badly or things going to hell really fast.
If you like things to continue, there is a way to, well fix it where you do continue with everything more or less stable but with a closer realitionship with the machine.
incompleted projects.
These are projects I just couldn’t complete either because they are demos or incomplete or just bad.
1. cripto adventure.
You need to decrypt things and solve puzzles to solve a crime.
That sounds good but yeah I don’t care much for that but it looked good.
2. umbra station.
Unfinnished demo.
You wake up on a spacestation and exit your stasus pod about to complete the final day of your shift before you are transfered to a hopefully better post.
You have been assleep for at least 6 months while your station cruises towards another to dock and exchange supplies.
You have about 23 hours left before you link.
Something is wrong, either some experiment or alien invasion has taken place.
The station is overrun with mutants, birth sacks and the rest.
The crew put up a vallient battle, but all are hosts now.
You have to get off.
Another game just like it is spacepoop where you are a sanatation enginier on a stating linking up with well the other station.
You have issues with various systems, trouble is something has happened, and you wake up after a night of partying, your stuff all over the place, drunk and hungry.
You have a terrible headake and hangover.
This game didn’t allow me much to get things sorted out.
subvagis is an rpg, your daughter is dieing of cancer, you may be able to fix it, but its 300000 bucks and you don’t have it.
You are offered and take a job basically being a underground gladiator fighting demons and criminals to get your cash.
Sadly unless there is a way out, I managed to win but spent all my cash on tomany things.

This and the olimpics has taken up all my working week.
As well as that I have been a bit sick but continue to soldier on.
That is about it for this week.
stay safe people.
Trouble is

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