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Lots of articles I’ve read the past week or so

Hi folks,

I’ve read quite a lot of articles, I’m not going to post the full lot, but only some of what I think you should see.

There were a few more one of which I am not sure if I got the right thing, but these are the big ones. I’ve been busy, so haven’t had time to post. We’ve apparently had some more issues over here, which reminds me, I need to try and figure out what is going on around here. Thanks for reading, leave those comments.

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Lots of articles I’ve read the past week or so was released on August 18, 2016 at 7:43 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: August 18, 2016.

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  1. Comment by crashmaster date 19 August 2016 alle 12:14 (),

    Hi jared.
    Yeah, I agree with all points.
    I have broused through a lot of the articles before my morning gym while waiting for my eggs to boil.
    Yeah all the breaches, makes you wander.
    One thing I can agree on, kids shouldn’t use credit cards.
    More over, our kids are entering the electronic world to fucking darn early.
    A kid should not have access to the net bar in school
    A kid should not have access to a computer at home, a mobile phone of their own, a facebook twitter, skype account or email address.
    A kid shouldn’t have any access to electronics at all not even an ipod.
    I know I am the last of an old generation, but kids should be allowed to play outside, fall and break their heads like it used to be in the old days.
    no game consoles, no computers and above all no internet.
    They are to yung.
    Allready kids are forgetting how to write on anything bar a computer and its becoming a real issue when you use phones in schools etc.
    I have had to service computers with teens in the house.
    The first thing I do before I even look at their systems is a full reformat and if I can a file backup.
    The kids of today pirate software, get viruses and are untidy.
    I have had to actually tell one particular girl that I will no longer service her systems.
    I clear them up, format them, secure them, and spend hours sorting out her identity and other things so they are no longer hacked.
    When I give it back its fine for a day or 2 then its stuffed again.
    She is hacked again, I get it working and she says it just works.
    I know its a cash cow but there is a point where even I a wrebel and former pirate have to draw the line.
    I have had to do the same things over and over again.
    Another user I have had to pull out of servicing because their system has loads of issues.
    There are 2 other users, 1 that dropped the net and another who when I try to fix things find all sort of issues.
    In today’s environment much that I really will hate myself for saying this.
    Children should have the net, email, and skype are important.
    But they shouldn’t be allowed to play games all day, that will fall on deff ears I know but it would be nice if that happened.
    Email and skype, I guess facebook and twitter though having people go at their parents behind your back, hmmm.
    I am against them owning their own phone or having credit cards all over the place.
    In fact if it isn’t for school they shouldn’t have it at least till they are 18.
    Its the age in nz when you can vote, and that will do for starters.
    If it must be done and if that is not possible, could we at least have it so it is alegal for any child to have a computer or internet access at home till at least the age of 12 or something?
    I know we can’t stop a child actually accessing the net but I don’t know.
    Fact is the new technology is good and bad.
    We the older generation know what it is like outside the new borg and strive to put others outside it.
    Thing is this is not the borg yet, we can come and go.
    Our youth of today choose to stay with their consoles.
    And if it continues a time will come when we are not able to physically break free from that.
    I can allready see it happening now and we are not tied directly with our devices.
    We physically have to use them, but a time will come when that is no longer a needed thing and when it does, our race is doomed.
    Unless we get away from that but I doubt we will.
    And its not like we have not been warned.
    Many a book actually has us living as fat blobs in our computers till it all comes crashing down and without our tech we are nothing but bloated blobs.
    It could happen.
    Wider issue should not be if credit cards are given to children but about our actual use of technology.
    Right now anything goes.
    On a further subject, last night on the news there was a piece on kevin mitnick some former hacker in the us.
    Aparently, its not actual computer hacking we should be more concerned about but social enginiering fishing emails, and the like.
    Its going to make email harder and harder.
    Even though I have chosen to have a life outside computers it can take some time to do all I need.
    One thing I forgot to add is that ms wants to pay people to use edge and bing.
    What about fuck off.

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