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new updates this week

Hi all.
Well this is better late than never, been trying to focus since my return from holliday.
As it stands the first windows 7 and dotnet roleups basically the cumulative updates for 10 are out.
In addition the 1607 build updates are the same as server 2016 updates.
Security wize, updates to note are video playback security, multimedia security and internet messenger protocols.
Over that its the normal web, kernal, graphics and font, and web updates you see on your regular install.
Also packages for office, almost the same deal as it always is.
This month we see the quarterly adobe reader dc update as well as the updates for flash.
The procedure for indeviduals getting flash for a multi system approach has changed, this will happen for a multibrouser environment.
1. go to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer
Select the other computer link.
from the combo boxes, select your os, and version of web brouser and click download, do that for every brouser you have.
on 8 and lower ie oppera and firefox are supported on 10 and up internet explorer module is included so is left out of the download list.
One thing to note, please turn off the 2 checkboxes, these are to install 2 security products by intel and mcafee.
Then click download.
Once the installers are on your system run them and either set updates to notify or simply don’t update to avoid unwanted software installed.
Next hit next and the thing will download and install.
After you quit the installer it will kill itself and it will go away.
Thats all for now.
Read the latest ransomware articles, and yeah they suck its about all I will say.

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Last modified: October 14, 2016.

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