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Some of what I’ve been reading the past few days

Hi folks,

Its been awhile since I’ve posted about what I’ve read, and I’ll try to post some of the highlights of what I think people should check out. This won’t be an exaustive list, however, this will be things that I think you should read in the tech field. I do tweet what is interesting, but some of my twitter may not meet your needs, so i’ve posted the tech stuff and compiled it here. Hope you enjoy the list, and leave those thoughts.

  • 5 Things You Need to Know About the Threat of Election Hacking Safe and Savvy Blog On October 14, 2016 I read this article and its almost election time. Definitely some very interesting things coming, and do we really know if the election is going to be controled by bots swaying people based on retweets or the like? I guess we’ll find out over time.
  • October is cyber security month, and various blogs are doing blog posts talking about various things. This one is from Last Pass and The Password Paradox: What’s With Our Risky Online Behavior? All of these types of posts talking about every day habits we do should be read to change our behavior. I agree with what this article is talking about, because even i have similar passwords for accounts I don’t much care about like IFTT, but yet I have an 8 character password with numbers and letters just the same. This password is not word generated, but yet, I can see if someone tried to guess it I’d be screwed. I should run the lastpass security challenge, as there could be multiple sites that do have the same password, and I do need to change that behavior in lite of recently known breaches which are not known to go away.
  • I ended up looking up phishlabs after they have E-mailed us in regards to some issues, and I’ve subscribed to their blog to learn how we can protect users from Phishing. It has to do with user awareness and training, and I like their work. This time, All Phish are Not Created Equal: The Evolving BEC Scam and it is true. Phishing, as you all are aware, talks you in to divulging information because the E-mail claims that you are a winner of a prize, you may have missed a package, you need to review this shipper to go get your package, all sorts of things of this nature. Some of this can lead to malware or now, ransomware. I briefly talked about this in this work awareness course i’m on my 4th time taking, and there have been some changes, but the same thing as I remember it. This time, i did talk about ransomware, and the multi-part series that I posted.
  • In the DNS department, Trend Micro posted on Octoberr 13 about a vulnerability in bind. I did not know that this was a system done by Berklee, so this is something new. The vulnerability isn’t good, as if we update server information or change something in the records for the domain, Bind takes care of it. For example, if I created test.jaredrimer.net on jaredrimer.net, bind would create the sub domain and bind it to the domain on the account. The article: A Look at the BIND Vulnerability: CVE-2016-2776 and it is a good read. I am not sure how we are updated, but I am going to make sure my provider sees this one in a few days. I just need to find out and call them in regards to how I should report such things so they can update things or notify the cpanel company or how this all works so we can stay as safe as possible.
  • This next one posted yesterday that I saw comes from our good friend Brian Krebs. IoT Devices as Proxies for Cybercrime is the article, and it is a good read as it talks about how Brian may have been attacked with this massive 620gb flood which forced him off the net. It also talks about the massive amounts of devices that are now coming online and the fact we do not necessarily have much knowledge of it once it is connected. The issue we have is that we don’t change the default credentials, and that is part of the problem.
  • Phishlabs talks about the data breaches and where they begin. Rewinding the Headline: Where Do Data Breaches Begin? This article was posted on the 12th, and it was a great read. If you want to take a look at this one, you may.
  • There are several blog postings talking about the monthly patches of Windows. October Patch Tuesday: Microsoft Releases 10 Security Bulletins, Five Rated Critical is one and Microsoft: No More Pick-and-Choose Patching is the other. One from Trend Micro which is more detailed and we talk about what is in the rollups, and Brian talks about the rollups and Adobe’s updates as well. If you really want a third article, read October 2016 – A brave new world of security updates which is also detailed as well.
  • Two different articles talking about gaming and cybercrime which overlap each other which I think you should look at. Funding Cybercrime: The Hidden Side of Online Gaming and Online Gaming Currency Abuse by Cybercriminals are the articles and both sort of overlap and was posted on the 11th. You may only want to read one of these articles, but the choice is yours.

  • In the legal vs tech department, you better check What A Murfreesboro Court Case Tells Us because Ubber and Lyft both use apps to book your rides. This is good to see, and we’ll see what happens with this one.

I am looking for your comments on some if not all of these articles. If you want to do an audio segment on your thoughts, and you want to submit, please let me know and i’ll see what I can do. I want to try and post daily, but I just don’t have time anymore, but looking to change this. Thanks for reading and we’ll chat later.

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