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phones and reading

Hi jared and all.
Well, read through the
One thing that interests me is do they mean online gaming such as gambling of disreputable sites or do they mean online gaming in general.
A lot of games now days call of duty, etc have a crappy story but are meant for online team play.
Pear to pear, via ip, via game subscription or via central server with subscription.
A lot of people do it.
The password one is interesting.
I have a password for my bank, my paypal account, my wireless, my twitter, my blog, this one and my wordpress share a word I think all free sites have one of 6 different passwords based on importance.
Remembering this stuff is a challenge.
I know, I should get keepass or something to mange things but I just never get round to it.
My dad has loads of passwords written down and so does my mum, I have had to spend days changing all the passwords because I can’t remember them and or havn’t used the account often enough to remember what that is.

On to my reads for this week.
As you may or may not be aware samsung has been having issues with its note7 devices.
All devices are now recalled, and production is off till samsung can see what the heck it fucked up this time.
Shortly after that civil aviation followed up with the fact that it is an offence punnished by fine and jail if you carry one of these onto an aircraft.
Over 2 million devices have been recalled.
Further on this thing, everyone has failed products even microsoft has bad days however this is the biggest failing and its happened twice.
Apple sales will be going up its prodicted.
Google is releasing a new phone called the picsel.
It is supposed to be a good phone, coolblindtech.com has details on how narly this thing actually is.
There is already a cool pair of headphones for it.
the orbit reader 20 the new 300 dollar braille display is getting closer to its release.
Tidbits of information were released on aph this week including its manual and technical guides.
Well one of its test group released an recording of the prototype.
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/545 … _00_58.ogg?dl=1
Google has released new updates to its voice assistants including updates to its chromecast line of products with a home device aimed to control just about everything.
Android 7.1 has been made exclusively for the new google lineup and will come out to other phones at some point as will its new headphones.
Its also rumored that google are entering the vr market or stepping it up some.

As a further edit to the posts, its been confirmed via ent gadget, that after its recalls, samsung retested all their batteries in house and found they had a problem maybe but others by another company didn’t seem to.
They have just retested every battery for all their devices and they are not blowing up.
Its not the batteries.
It may be just the latest note device or thats how I read into it.
So far those that certify their stuff say that everything checked out, this is the first time there was an issue.
So I read it as being a device problem rather than a battery problem.
At least this narrows it down some what.
Its either software or hardware.
Both things will need to be checked, but the battery packs should be fine.
On another tangent news on tv had an expert interviewed, and he said that we should have had all our phones exploding on us because of the large amount of cpu power used, the fact the heat energy needs to go somewhere.
As you know in the older days your average 386 and lower laptop had no fans or anything.
Even the units up to the first duel cores didn’t have fans that went all the time.
Now my latest i5 has a fan that runs all the time.
Luggables had fans as well as desktops, however cellphones don’t have them.
Saying that if its in a case it would overheat anyway, and a fan would use a lot of power, but there is no argument that when under massive load our phones get really hot.
Even in the older days people were up in arms about radiation dammage from the then week non smart devices, so this may be the start of us realising the old coolent technology that powers our new generation of smart computers just doesn’t cut it anymore.
This would actually make sence, our smart phones are now minni computers, and computers especially 64 bit units no matter the size of their cpus generate heat and that heat needs to go somewhere.
Maybe one day someone will make a machine where you could fry an egg or make coffee from your phone, use the heat to recharge a battery or even power something.
Right now all heat does is destroy the devices.

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phones and reading was released on October 15, 2016 at 9:17 pm by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: October 17, 2016.

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  1. Comment by tech date 16 October 2016 alle 11:11 (),

    Hello Shaun et al, the article you talk about is talking about those games where you have the opportunity of buying things to help you, i.e. coins to buy something to help you level up. If the game has ingame purchases, and the hacker can monotize it, it is fair game. Thats what those two articles are speaking of.

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