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an unexpected update

Hi all.
This is unexpected.
Today after many months so many that I thought that they had stopped production the last update being june 2015 realtech have broken silence and released the basic hd audio chipset update.
This version is 2.80 up from 2.77.
Why is this important, aren’t realtech just the cheap stupid hardware in the computers?
It is but it just happens to be in just about every computer these days that uses intel chips at least.
So if you are having a problem with things then this is finally the official non manufacturer spaciffic universal realtech card update.
Next amd have released an update to their display drivers.
It was first catalist 14 then 15 then omiga and now crimson live series.
For all of us that uses standard cards, it appears that amd has debunked its autoupdater and included it in the crimson installer.
Once you get the minimalistic installer and run that it will download an update, then you can update the system with that.
So happy the dates no longer reflect 9 februrary 2015 anymore.
I thought we were left in the dust with amd to.
Again why is this important, it means that some of these cards especially those of us with 10 and having to use standard ms drivers may not have to, and that finally major manufacturers are catching up to things.
The advantage of the amd driversets is that the drivers include everything in them.
One package will update all amd hardware mostly and now it appears autodetection is part of that package.
Finally my toshiba reported an update in win7 saying intel system for 7 8 and 9 series.
Again this is important, it may only be a basic internal ms chip installer update but it does mean especially with a lot of quads on the market that the duelcore is still alive.
With all the terrorists, security breaches, etc, if anything if you are a geek and want to thank someone other than a god or jesus then thank whoever that backward compatability even for your 3-6 year old unit may still be active in some way.
For myself I am hoping this fixes things on the system which has been having issues with some display for a little while.
laters all

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Last modified: December 20, 2016.

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