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The Yahoo Breach, am I effected? from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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The Yahoo Breach, am I effected?

I was so doing my best and not talking the Yahoo! breach that recently made news in december 2016 and this evening, I get an E-mail which is looking very legitament and comes from a yahoo address for communications. While I’m not going to share the E-mail in detail, this is definitely time that we say goodbye to Yahoo! mail. Once I get stuff transfered over to jaredrimer.net that I want, I’ll be removing the account from my PC. I never put it on my phone, and now, I will personally not use the account after I verify that I have everything transfered over that I want.

I had a hunch when I was made aware of another potential breach through my network, and I have some suspicions. The person indicated they did not get an E-mail, but someone else I know did. If I got one, I’m sure they will if their account was a potential target.

This is not the first time I’ve been targeted in one way or another. Remember this article I posted when I was dealing with some serious issues along the network? While indirectly effecting me, it does effect the provider which is me, and the provider I pay which is Ultrahost.

I believe Ultrahost is doing much better in detecting and eraticating issues much quicker than before, and for that I’m happy to see. Sadly, not all providers are aware of the dangers, and as the E-mail sent, more people are being notified. Yahoo has to notify at least a billion users. Thats a lot of users, and its going to take time. Here’s what I wrote about Yahoo! when i saw the news the first time. I didn’t think it was the end. To top it all off, this story delbt with the blind in general as we learned about a hotel chain which blind individuals had visited for the convention. I’m sure if you search hacked or breach on this blog, you’ll find a lot more out there, and we should be aware of whats out there.

If you are unaware of the use of Yahoo! which providers like .co.nz, ATT’s SBC Yahoo! and others, you may want to consider if it is practical ditching the account and service altogether. I’ll be happy to help where I can, please reach out.

Have you been effected? Please sound off in the comments. The boards await you.

Here’s one from the past that may recellect your memory. Have fun digesting this.

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The Yahoo Breach, am I effected? was released on December 20, 2016 at 9:04 pm by tech in security news and commentary.
Last modified: December 20, 2016.

Comments (2)

  1. Comment by tech date 21 December 2016 alle 16:49 (),

    Hi Shaun, my sentaments are with you. I plan on moving my important stuff off of SBC Yahoo. I have most of my coorespondence at my domain and a few at gmail. I’m saddened at the fact this type of thing continues, I figure that people should be doing other things. The fact that this is a 3 year old breach is not helping matters. I have not heard whether or not Yahoo was closing, but at this point, it would not surprise me. Its too bad gmail was locked for you, they may have suspected something and locked it for the person’s security.

  2. Comment by crashmaster date 21 December 2016 alle 10:44 (),

    AAn email from my dad’s account came through saying he should change his password yesterday.
    The reason he is still paying for service for his previder with yahoo on is because old stuff is there.
    I think he should stop, that previder is abandoning yahoo completely.
    It seems yahoo is saying good bye to mail next year or so, I don’t think they care to much about securing it if they are going to can it.
    I have been a gmail user for ages.
    Its security is really good, however it can be to good its quite touchy, ie I was trying to help someone my mum in another country that had issues and decided to logon locally because I knew the credentials.
    Google said I was a hacker, fine, I thought then I could tell it I wasn’t by hitting the right box and entering a sms autherisation like I sometimes get for that account.
    No, the account was locked and I had to go through over the phone with mum on changing the creds so her phone would boot, so it can be quite touchy in deed.
    This yahoo thing is no real lost.
    Yahoo does a few groups, but bar that it doesn’t have the power google has now.
    Google was search, a toolbar, a desktop program, photos, wireless, maps, an os, the list goes on and on.
    Yahoo is groups, mail, search, a toolbar, messenger, not much else.
    Mail has been a pain for ages, search I don’t use, toolbar well I don’t use.
    Photos I am sure it dropped it.
    And I am unsure if anyone really uses messenger anymore.
    Even if we didn’t have breaches like that yahoo is about to be issimilated into google I think.
    Google like the borg is expanding.
    I am happy to be in the ship that is not sinking.

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