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comments on the postings thus far and a rant of my own

Jared thanks for the interesting posts.
Yes sadly people will pay because its often the quickest way to results.
Interestingly enough apple seem to be being taken to task for monopolising the app market.
I don’t exactly take it that way.
Sure if you are a hacker, like your options open etc you would choose android.
But what will you actually do with your android phone when you get it.
When I got my symbian phone I installed a lot of apps on it, and I don’t actually use many in fact I find myself deleting just about all the apps I didn’t use all 33 of them from the 40 apps I have.
So apple, clunky, sure, probably a monopoly, maybe, closed market, but on the other hand all its attempting to do things its way has made extra technologies.
1. the i drive/ multipyphone drive.
Its possible now to connect to any phone with a drive of music, etc and get that music from and to your computer with a portable flash drive, it costs a little but so what I am planning to get one, a friend knows where I can get one.
2. the lightning multidevice phone plug by belkin, belkin usually make routers and other coms products what will this do to their markets.
All the issues apple and others make will make others realise there is a market for doing things that don’t involve drilling a headphone jack into iphones, ie make some cash and giving us the users in the long run more options for a little headake.
Ms grove and onedrive being used for streaming on any device your music for free is one thing I like that has come from this.
Its true a usb device port or a smart card reader for full size in the phone should be nice but heck things are getting smaller and smaller so what the heck.
I was writing an article yesterday before I had to go out to some live music festival which I didn’t finnish but on thursday I reviewed an article from the tidbits magazine about privacy.
I looked at it and its technologies.
Firstly the good points.
1. making sure your privacy settings are configured on all websites, google facebook etc your computer is a good idea.
2. the https everywhere, privacy badger, and cert bot technologies on electronic freedom foundation are cool
Https everywhere makes sure you are running via ssl all the time.
That is good for security as well as privacy.
Privacy badger will allow companies that do not share your info to have it or at least thats what it does in theory.
Https everywhere will also connect to the eff database to check if you are using certifficates that are not funky.
cert bot allows a standard website previder to convert to https and stay that way.
An add blocker like u block origin is really good to.
That was about all the good points I found in the article.
First, no one mentions that google have addons to block their own analitics modules.
Next no one mentions better privacy which is good for flash if you ever need it these days but still.
Also no one mentions noscript, true you need to be a bet more geeky but noscript lite or studio is good for the world.
It doesn’t work on get.adobe.com and multi refreshing pages but there are ways to get round it.
for flash get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions makes it possible to download installers independant of the standard interface.
ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe will allow you to go to almost every directory I usually use the reader/win folder and get the latest adobe acrobat reader dc, it can be a bit slow to get it that way but its still good for full installers.
Next are vpns.
It suggested open vpn, but to be honest if you want a good vpn you want to buy it, and we are not made of cash.
The vpn previder may log your data anyway, they never mention this.
Accessability ofcause is never mentioned.
Next is duck duck go and the eff.
For those of you who know me, I don’t rant lightly and I don’t overload unless I really see a problem.
Its worth noting a few things.
1. on at least a search for duck duck go is bad I found at least 2 reviews stating that while it may not track, search results didn’t always come as acurate as google.
And that results never displayed in the right font.
There was a suggestion that it may not have gotten updated and that it was appearing in people’s computers.
Ofcause it was suggested that google was doing the same thing.
For my results I decided to put in commen search terms.
eff encourages piracy was one.
terrorism is bad was another and donald trump was my last one.
In all cases google put a broader range of results while duckduckgo put out results against the government and spying on people.
in fact with google they even mentioned how piracy could have helped inovation.
I thought this quite interesting, duckduck go is not something I will use.
and I will get to that in a moment.
I hit the eff website.
there were a lot of articles on protection but one on copywrite.
And that puts a really bad trend.
Firstly its obvious to me or how I read it that both eff and duckduckgo are against government snooping, but probably pro piracy, against corperations but probably pro criminals and ransomware but maybe its just me maybe I’m wrong I am not sure.
Next, its the utter paranoia of the new privacy world.
Do these fucking wankers realise! information like everything else is not free!! we tried it with free internet a few years ago and it failed quickly.
Do they want to pay thousands of dollars instead to access the net.
Google gives us search, mail, news, maps, photos, a web brouser, an os, apps, music, books, and a load of other services which I use everyday and most do.
It helps the poor, it gives free translation but has payed services.
It doesn’t want cash, it wants our information and privacy.
It stays up most of the time and is secure email security is really good as well as their spam filters.
All they want is to give our private information to advertisers.
How much would it cost in cash for us to pay for all that I wander?
The package is quite good for all your personal info for us to sell to advertisers we will give you all this free service.
Some how I don’t have a problem with it.
Yes I am sure advertisers could sell you stuff all over the show but we are buying so what’s the issue here.
Next, I see no problem with controled snooping and data collection.
Its good for stats, emergency services, and protection.
In a news report on one tech show I listen to, it was revealed that while they could, governments in most cases may get all your info but are not likely to search it for everything you have done, its just nuts.
Yes we have to be carefull what we post but the net is becoming more like the real world, and we need to adapt to this and quickly!
Next unless you are in a comunist country, russia, china, maybe a corrupt place like new ginny, indonesia and a few other places round the world I’d say you probably have an issue.
Maybe in bits of the us who knows.
Another thing to note, this will get worst before it gets better.
The industries of the world are trying to change over to the digital model.
They have to even if they don’t, and some are finding it hard to do that.
Some like the book, and film industry have left it to late and some of the older music producers are still fighting the change.
I have seen though a lot of video rental shops closing as digital comes on stream.
I have seen mail cut in half for delivery days because of email.
Yet those that want privacy try to fight for what was, not what now fucking is!
There are several ways to protect our privacy.
1. be carefull what we actually fucking post for god sake.
In a world where everyone reads everything, we need to realise what we post stays up.
Governments and more importantly businesses will look for our stuff and judge us on that stuff.
We have all done and will continue to do stupid things.
Try to treat the net as you would do with the real world I realise text means you are allready building profiles in your head that could be totally not true you just do it to try to class things as what they are.
But in most cases they are completely different.
If you really need someone or something to be done by someone, your best bet is to have an audio or video chat direct or have them come visit you or you them to get the right profile, businesses I am in do this.
Next, all information you post even your personal email is public.
Remember that people may notice you sooner than you think.
In other words the commen sences we use outside the net apply to the net, we just need to get that into our little heads is all.
Next, while I will imbrace all those extra protections being to private will attract the wrong attention.
If I have a cover on my webcams, ultra protection, a vpn, tore, a whole lot of extra things and someone in the government finds this they will wander what I am hiding.
In this post 911 world its vary dangerous to hide or act hidden.
Better let it all out than stay hidden behind a wall.
Case in point I was out last night and we saw a bunch of black people wearing shirts with slogans about blacks on it.
I assume they were just a bunch of guys walking round but I immediately thought, gang of blacks, probably gangsters, drunk woman bashing vilent bastards, trouble.
In the post apocoliptic world that is where we live we don’t think of people the same.
So if I was hiding everything and I was of an agency that was looking for that sort of thing, I’d think terrorist, probable trouble maker, better investigate or worse get rid of whatever it is in case.
We need to strike a ballence betwene protection and actually being normal.
While I did take a lot of the article I read on board, in fact extra free security beafups are a good thing.
Going full hog is not.
For example, unless your are a software pirate, a business, needing to connect to a remote machine, etc there is no need for a vpn.
In fact the only reason a home user needs vpns for is to crack stuff or to buypass geoblocking.
Privacy doesn’t exist.
Its not the corperations either, we choose to post ourselves all over the place.
The net is the world, its not a sepperate world and we need to realise this and move on.
I don’t mean not be secure or be to public, just be carefull what you do and where you go.
From time to time you may get bitten but still.
If you care for it and need it a password manager is good to.
But please remember the more online databases you have including password storage backups, etc the more can be hacked and lifted and you have no control just like you can’t control the weather yet or the net.
At any rate the only way to be private is to never be born in the first place.
Even if you don’t use the net your data may be stored on the net.
You need to be yourself, and not something you are not.
That will cause governments and others to wander why you changed to something else.
I have posted a lot of little rants on things and to be honest no one has gotten pissed at me that bad.
At least not in the western world yet.
I do think that all these security and privacy articles are good to look at but they are only guidelines.
Another thing that comes from all this, is what free speech is.
Saying what you want when you want is nice.
It can hurt people so you have to be carefull what you say it goes without saying.
People may not be to happy if you say the wrong thing and thats it simply.
We sadly don’t seem to get this.
Even if your government is reasonable there will still be protesters about things.
In the old world we didn’t have the net, people did their own things in their own villages no connection, nothing, do we want that?
I’ll leave you to ponder all that I put here.
Just remember your opinion on security and privacy is not everyone’s opinion either.
I am a home user that does work on several family units.
I don’t have a business, or cloud backup or anything like that.
I am concerned that we are trying to be to private.
Read my last article about the endless loop of doom.
If anything this article shows and some of the sites that I mentioned show that we are allready looping right now.
Its subtle but its there.
Remember, stay safe, not dumb!

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