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Heliohost, is it worth it?

Before I go on with this post, let me make it clear that they are trying the best they can, with what resources they have. I am writing this post more to just inform the user, not to bash the company. The opinions are my own, and i don’t work for this company. I do wish them the best of luck in their current situation, and I will continue to monitor the forums to see what happens with the two servers.

I decided to try Heliohost for an off site project that I needed to host off site from the rest of the network. I had heard of the company, and thought it would be nice to just have a free option for a very small site with one mailing list, I now decided that one E-mail address although I’ll more than likely use the default one and not create another one, and possibly a blog, but hadn’t really decided that as of yet.

When I first signed up for Heliohost, things went well, although slow. First, it signed up for the wrong server, and that was my fault. Then I signed up for the correct server, and things were going well.

I was using the list as intended, and things were going well. I didn’t mind getting support through the forum or messenger on facebook, as iut just worked and it wasn’t a big deal until I went to post to my list and found that it sent me a message saying that the domain couldn’t be found.

I thought this was strange, as I parked the domain as i was instructed and it had been working. I am not too happy of their 30 day notice where the account would be suspended after 30 days of no activity, but in discussion, i told them that most people would not log in unless they needed to, and to leave it up unless a deletion request was needed. To compensate, I suggest 60 to 90 days would be adequit.

That was one issue i had, but i had set a reminder to compensate for the fact i needed to follow the rule. Hopefully they will change it.

On their forum, i saw that the server I was hosted on had an issue, and so I decided to coorespond with the company to determine what the next steps were. They had said thjat I aught to sign up with another server. At the time, I thought, OK, maybe this is a one time thing, so I’ll sign up, release my info, and sign up.

This went well for about a few days. Once I reset up everyone, the list, the site, and was sure things were fine, I go to the site as someone was having issues going to menvi’s site, and was going to have them fill out a form that was on this site. I could not go there.

Going to the forum indicated two things.

  • First, the one server had such a hard drive issue, that they weren’t sure if backups they provided were adequit for customers.I saw that before this second server crashed.
  • Second, the server I had just signed up with had the same issue as the other.
  • Third, they are asking for money from the community since they now have to replace two servers, and they indicate that we should sign up yet for another server.
  • If we don’t donate, the business could go under, and they continue to boast about being the best free hosting around.

You guys just lost me. I signed up, you can’t restore my account, I have to sign up, because the restoration doesn’t allow me to restore my mailing list which I need.

I’m sorry, but this isn’t going to fly for me. I understand an occasional issue where we may need to move. I didn’t mind signing up for the second server. Once it crashed, I realized that this is not the provider that this site should be using. This site needs to be up as much as possible, and the last two months, it has been down but about a week if that.

If you are a provider of web hosting, is it not your responsibility to have systems in place to notify you before the hard drive or components completely fail so you can back up data, and move accounts to a new server?

The fact we need to sign up for the new server means they aren’t able to move our existing accounts we have taken time to build, and in my case, maintain, and that my mailing list means nothing to them.

The control panel was full of adds, making it difficult and slow to get anything done. I was not impressed with that, but with free, you have to compensate somehow, so that didn’t bother me too much. They y also changed the time of signing up from midnight pacific time to midnight UTC. If you weren’t there right then signing up, kiss your chance goodbye. Not much time at all, and I am not willing to donate knowing that my data isn’t cared for, even on this 5k site. It is just as important as my big sites like MENVI, jaredrimer.net, and others.

I am not going to tell you who to use or not use. I have had good conversations with the people running the operation, but when i indicated that i was not impressed with moving again, and the fact it kept recommending the one server which is not taking signups right now, and the only way i could sign up was to check other options, they said nothing.

If this is what you want for a web host, feel free to use them. They are good for up to 500mb per account, and forum support.

I’ve moved my site elsewhere, where I’m set up and my list is now up and operating. I plan to make some modifications to the site, but after that, I can stay out of the control panel until I need it again.

Have you had any success with this company better than mine? If so, please let me know.

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