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FBI: Attackers Targeting Anonymous FTP Servers in Healthcare from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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FBI: Attackers Targeting Anonymous FTP Servers in Healthcare

Hello folks, this article came across my desk through a newsletter I’m subscribed to. The article is entitled: FBI: Attackers Targeting Anonymous FTP Servers in Healthcare and I do not believe that our FTP allows anonymous access even if we turn it on now a days. I really think we need to be aware of this, and pass it along to our dentist and health care people that we know. This couldn’t get worse, can it?

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FBI: Attackers Targeting Anonymous FTP Servers in Healthcare was released on March 29, 2017 at 9:00 am by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: March 28, 2017.

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  1. Comment by crashmaster date 29 March 2017 alle 11:44 (),

    Ok that’s just dumb.
    While ftp servers have their merrits especially for uploading files for website syncing, if you are a large organisation wouldn’t it be better to have a cloud based solution, ftp is so yesteryear.
    Now if you really want to use ftp there is secure ftp.
    And if you still want to use standard ftp, have it on a completely different port its that simple.
    And unless you need it why have public ftp access anyway.
    I for myself store important stuff in the cloud.
    I also share with a few remotes a lot of data.
    That data comes from a cloud source.
    The user or users that I have this on ie dropbox don’t know my username and password and neither do they know mine.
    On each of their systems I interfaced directly to share at least at first via my system the account info and share to their account.
    Now unless they share that folder with others a thing they can do as long as they tell me then thats fine.
    However we all have control of that folder, and can kill or whatever as we need, ofcause that involves a lot of trust.
    There is nothing stopping someone virusing that folder up or actually sharing with others without me knowing, however if anything weird started going on in there, I could view the events.
    You can delete folders in dropbox to leave them and I am pritty sure that if I am an author of a folder I can kill it for good on all devices but don’t quote me on that one.
    Further more I can then go and remove myself from that folder’s access entirely.
    And if I payed for a subscription I can bann users and such to.
    There is no excuse in having ftp access at least outside your network except for a few instances.
    1. you really don’t care for cloud storage or just want to be local.
    2. you want to access something from one place all the time.
    In both these instances they all fall down I mean we have the big wide cloud colective thats why we have it.
    Ofcause if you don’t want to pay 9 bucks for a tb of space or use a single box for uploading things then hmmm you can I guess make ftp.
    But if you do and its only for uploading then once daily you can just clear that server and transfer it out of there and you can process that later.
    Or only accept data going in and have it as a sepperate thingy.

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