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march’s updates

Well I have been busy this month but thought I’d put out all the updates since no more have come.
Amd drivers, and others.
Windows 7 monthly and preview monthly.
adobe flash, and adobe acrobat update services.
Dropbox, skype all have new versions.
codecguide 13 is out.
Windows10 cumulative for march is out.
Well technically 3 versions came out one you had to manually download from the catalog.
The first version was the big update including february’s update.
The second versions fixed issues with the first.
The third fixed issues with the second ie it broke windows store.
Office recieved 2 updates one minor today.
Itunes has an update.
Garmin devices had one of their updaters depricated and another released, tomtom has a new update for its home suite.
Thats that for this month.
Next month is windows 10 creaters.
Interestingly if we use old termonaligy we have win10 then win10 a.
Now we get win 10 c where is win10 b?
And where did windows 9 go by the way.
Intel also has a driver updater update to 2.72.
More next month.

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Last modified: March 28, 2017.

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