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Window-Eyes potentially going away, again?

Hey folks,

I’m seeing tweets again about Window-Eyes going away, again. I checked some sources like AI squared’s site, even Freedom Scientific’s site, as I saw something saying that the product guy from FS is saying they’re killing it. In my article giving out accurate information I want to make sure I receive it from the right channels. Twitter can be good for news, but anyone can tweet saying things such as Window-Eyes isn’t being developed, JFW will be given to over 400 of us who have been long time Window-Eyes users for free, the whole bit.

I highly doubt that VFO will give all of us JFW if Window-Eyes were to go away. I don’t know where someone is getting that information, JFW is very expensive.

As I notated back in that article which delbt with the AI certificate issue, the cert is good for a long time yet, so why kill Window-Eyes and leave people paying for another reader they have never used?

I personally have used Jaws, my opinion of it doesn’t matt4er. I know how to use it, and I have used it. I grew up with Window-Eyes and products from GW Micro for many many years.

I go so far back, they even developed a program called word and braille talk for the apple I believe it was. I’m not against JFW at all, it just isn’t something I would prefer to use on a daily basis unless of course my job, or my change of operating system or something else unforseen moves me away from Window-Eyes and to another product.

I am hoping to hear more, and when I do, I’ll be sure to publish the release like i’ve been known to do.

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Window-Eyes potentially going away, again? was released on May 13, 2017 at 12:12 pm by tech in General commentary.
Last modified: May 13, 2017.

Comments (6)

  1. Comment by tech date 16 May 2017 alle 18:09 (),


    It does not need to contact a server for activation, only for script updating, but once we turn off the auto updating, it won’t be a problem. They’ll support us till end of life, just no further development. I’ve put in my request to migrate with some questions. I’m hopeful it’ll go well.

  2. Comment by crashmaster date 16 May 2017 alle 14:04 (),

    Well you will be able to keep it till its not available anymore, however in reality, it appears that once the servers shut down,you won’t be able to activate.
    In short your next reformat and you won’t be able to keep windoweyes, because you won’t be able to activate it anymore.
    Unless you have a crack or an older version that does not need activation that is.
    If you need to install it and use it for a bit then you better load it on as much as you need before that happens.

    The upgrade will give you the latest jaws that being 18 at least that is what I read.
    Forum posts though suggest that the dominance of we has dropped and been flat for some time though.

  3. Comment by tech date 15 May 2017 alle 20:54 (),

    I need to find out more./ I don’t know what version I’d be getting, I’m confused about the whole thing. I posted the press release to this blog for people who are not aware of its existance, but definitely something to ponder. I may get the migration, but will use WE as long as I can. Been a customer since version 1.

  4. Comment by crashmaster date 15 May 2017 alle 19:25 (),

    Well jared, if you have a current version of we and smas for it they will be converted to jaws smas, there is a form on the gwmicro website to get the conversion but its free if you have the latest version of windoweyes.
    It is a shame that they have gone away, they have aparently slowed a lot, vfo is buying out every company it seems.
    As long as they don’t buy dolphin and sarotech then we will be fine if they do then we will have a problem.
    I doubt it will get that bad, however if jaws becomes the only reader bar nvda, or even before that, we may have to do something about vfo, fs or whatever they are called, because they can’t take over things.
    Jaws pricing is not good either, home for home windows, pro for pro windows.
    The difference between home and pro is that they will only run on home or pro no features, you need to pay for extra jaws modules and they cost.
    Its a pitty when a company goes however, it will probably change again with cheaper braille displays etc.
    I have known jaws to be clunky as heck, I havn’t used windoweyes myself though I did pull the synths from an old disk ages ago, I never used it.
    However we will have to decide what happens next.

  5. Comment by tech date 15 May 2017 alle 17:24 (),

    i’m not upset that it is going away, let me make that point clear. I’m upset that I’ve seen this for awhile and no confirmation. i saw the tweet from AI this morning, which makes it official. I’m saddened by this decision, especially since i’ve personally been a Window-Eyes user since the very beginning. I know JFW, but I’m saddened that the product is going away. Especially after the whole deal with the cert, I’m really wondering whats happening there now. I think VFO purchasing everyone is making this decision, I highly doubt that they wanted to abandon us. This was probably not a decision taken lightly. I’ve got two SMA’s left, and right now, I’m not sure what I want to do. I’ll mull over it. Maybe I’ll try and call and ask questions.

  6. Comment by crashmaster date 15 May 2017 alle 15:57 (),

    Jared I got a notification from an email list about this so checked out gwmicro.com.
    Windoweyes is shutting down, its obviously not been doing well for some time.
    So everyone will have to use jaws or dolphin or screen access or something for comercial readers.
    I do know that windoweyes was one of the first to have apps and various things for it, it does look like it will be no more.
    Who knows why this is, but that does mean less competition I guess.
    However more market share to jaws I really hope that this doesn’t happen with everyone else, where it will be jaws or nothing though.
    On the other side, the fact one reader is gone means that the others are much better.
    I am not sure about jaws but nvda has countless modules for it now.
    while not everything is intergrated it can easily be made so with little effort.
    Being written in python it doesn’t need any added scripting language.
    To write a module for it from a program to whatever you need to know python and then the commands to put it together.
    My only regret is that gw was responsable for the initial direct chain manager for win xp along with others.
    I am actually not sure about what was freedomscientiffic.
    I have heard rumors of bad customer service and other things pluss questionable conduct being bandied round the place.
    That it is now a monopoly on readers that as it may, we will never know.
    I just hope that with less competition we don’t see the bad side of the industry rear its head is all.
    We really need more.
    On the other hand, it may be that eventually bar in special cases comercial readers will not be needed for general navigation.
    I use supernova for a few games that need the interface and complex programs that nvda will not work, ie they need graphics interception but since 99.9% of my work is web based I really don’t need any extras.
    As well as this the time of using third party tools to get access to general systems is mostly over ish maybe.
    There are a lot of ways to access various comtrols including a way for users to actively control screenreaders for instant compatability with just about anything without the hassle it used to be.
    There have been rumors that windoweyes hasn’t been doing well.
    I think we will see more crazyness when cheap braille comes out.
    The orbit reader 20 is coming soon and when its out I will be podcasting about it when I grab it.

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