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Ethics of Self-Driving Cars

This is a very interesting article I found on omni.media, one of many vocal related sites. While looking to see the status of something i published, I came across this. It raises some questions that I think we should discuss. As people with disabilities, what would be some of these answers?

Putting AI behind the wheel raises many questions and concerns, and on the verge of this becoming our reality, we must examine the ethics of self-driving cars.

Source: Ethics of Self-Driving Cars

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Ethics of Self-Driving Cars was released on May 20, 2017 at 8:32 am by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: May 20, 2017.

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  1. Comment by crashmaster date 23 May 2017 alle 14:13 (),

    Well, this will be interesting.
    Machines are smart and getting smarter but they do fail.
    In critical situations where the blind user can’t control the car, what does the machine do.
    And sensors can get fooled.
    There was a case where a self driving car crashed into a truck because the reflection from the back of it made it effectively blind and it just didn’t know what to do.
    Who is liable, if my car has an issue then what.
    I could fix it maybe if it was on its computer probably others may not be able to.
    Then there is the legal aspect.
    The blind can not drive.
    And while society has been supportive of the blind to a point I doubt that it would extend to this.
    The blind can’t drive because they are blind.
    When self driving cars come in, the blind still will not be able to drive because they are blind.
    Its the easiest way out for the governments to handle that problem as it will be for other disabled people.
    If this all works out, I suspect just like any computer software and hardware there would be a licence agreement of some sort stating liabilities, which will be so long that like other software agreements and such, you just agree to and don’t read.
    I don’t even read licences to online services.
    I want to use things and I just do.
    THats not really the right attitude but the issue with legal documents are they they are written in legal c code.
    Probably understood by those that read and write them but not us.
    So they would all have to be simplified for users in general.
    It would probably state the standard terms for the cars we have now, ie that every effort would be made to make sure it worked at the time with the right servicing, etc.
    There may be additional terms but still.
    I am unsure how the disabled would be put in, my suspician is that the disabled won’t ever drive because they are disabled until we can be sure with the tech.
    Since you can never be truely trusting of the machine, it would have to get to the stage where failure would be so low as that if it happens the fallout wouldn’t be that bad.
    Ie cars are mostly computer controled interface wize.
    Planes and other things, government and other information, cloud services.
    True they can get hacked and cars like other electronics get hacked even now.
    What actually scares me is what happens if there was a problem, and the manufacturer just transfered liability to the user because they didn’t want to handle it.
    In normal user cases they may or may not sue but I’d imagine the disabled wouldn’t be able to do that, so you are accused of murder and put in jail for life because of liability for your car who’s company did something they knew you couldn’t afford suing them for.
    True if that happened it would be found out after a while and handled by law but in the meantime it would make a mess.
    And in such a mess the law could be just changed to say the disabled can’t drive and can never drive.
    How would the disabled be tested for a licence anyway.
    Blind people can’t see, how would test your ability to drive a self driving car.
    You would assume if we were not carefull no one would drive then we would be lost if we ever had to go to manual.
    On the other hand if that failure was so low it probably wouldn’t matter but it does mean a loss of an era.

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