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This can’t be good: Equifax or Equiphish? from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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This can’t be good: Equifax or Equiphish?

I just read this article entitled Equifax or Equiphish? and I’m personally not convinced that a freeze is the answer to all of these issues with Equafax and its continuing issues on letting us know about their breach. The more I read about what they’re doing, the more I don’t want any of what they’re offering.

  • Charging consumers to put a freeze on their file because they didn’t update their software
  • Having everyone sign up for credit monitoring which is fine, but then saying you’re not effected
  • When the breach first occurred, telling people to come back at a certain date but the site doesn’t work
  • Having Experian which I understand they control being part of the data breach problem as they had their own issues

When I first got the letter from the OPM breach, and entered my information that I was given, I talked to an agent. The agent was very nice, and explained who they were, as I had no idea. I know that fingerprints are needed as part of getting a job in some cases, but we do not have any idea on who is offering the service for the company. I’m really wondering if we’re losing control of our information. There will be no way for us to have control of it come the next 5 to 10 years.

Have thoughts? Please feel free to sound off in the comments, and let us know how you have credit checked if you apply for a credit card or loan. This can’t be good.

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This can’t be good: Equifax or Equiphish? was released on September 24, 2017 at 8:57 am by tech in article commentary,security news and commentary.
Last modified: September 24, 2017.

Comments (2)

  1. Comment by crashmaster date 24 September 2017 alle 14:16 (),

    Hi jared.
    Well to be honest, I think we have allready lost control even before the net.
    THe fact is there are a load of a chain of companies hosting our info now there are even more of them.
    Last week articles in my local paper suggested that google clouds are not as robust as we are lead to beleave.
    That in itself is not surprising.
    All these breaches are not surprising.
    In fact I am uncertain why we havn’t had a big failier of massive proportions yet.
    My point is this, the next revolution is coming, its the net, and we just add stuff onto it and push it out as the best thing.
    You can store stuff on the cloud as long as there is power, which ardly fails.
    If you have ever built in science class those bridges in circular towers and put stuff on top of them they colapse etc then you know what you are talking about.
    Even if you try to fix things they eventually fail.
    The net tower, well lets see everything is stored on there.
    I doubt to be honest that anyone even those that store info know where it actually is at all times.
    And you wander while even though the failier rate is high I still put all my trust in spinning metal rust to store my data and laser disk.
    Chances are if you loose the net you can still take your portable hard drive with you.
    If I had to ever evacuate the house, just 1 of my hard drives contains all my data, but both can fit in a bag along with all my flash storage.
    If all I could take was my laptop, and charger, my storage would still fit in a bag.
    These breaches are bad but is it any wander when we rely on the net like we do and expect it to function like the real world does.
    It functions like the real world does except that the words sleep, work, holiday, and death are pritty much beyond it.
    Sex and reproduction the same.
    Its fed and thats about it.
    I liken the net to a big shopping mall where you can buy things or muck about.
    There isn’t anything outside, nothing inside and all is well for sale to be honest.
    I’ve already talked about the issues of going completely cloud allready.
    I do have stuff up there, no I absolutely will not log my os into it.
    No well ok, I may store all my info on it but a backup outside the cloud would be nice.
    Then security asside what happens if a bit fails or naturally quits then what.
    2 weeks ago a major isp decided to quit its email system because keeping that secured especially with cloud services was to much.
    Switching over to another depending on what you choose is hard, the cloud can’t give you your exact email as its saturated allready just like ip v4.
    If things are getting overloaded, then the sheer number of accesses never mind security must surely be getting some things down its no wander things are breaking like this, we are overloading the net.
    The worst, is that we ill find someone else to blame when it fails and not ourselves.
    And while we have been largely ok with it up to now we are getting close to the point where the net will stop.
    Firewalls will drop under enormous information loads, servers will overload because of the same, the world as we have made it will fail, and without the skills to survive before we will simply drop off.
    Allready we have seen a lot of this happening.
    Braille, thats coming back, but to be honest why would I a blind person ever need to braille the same is with writing.
    Why write when you can type.
    Why read a book if you can do it online.
    Why work outside when you can get your robot to do it for you.
    Sooner or later we loose all our life skills.
    And sooner or later all the net will fail.
    What is worse is those born from at least 2001 on especially now won’t need the skills I have from the early 80s, they won’t have to excercise, play sport, go outside or anything, because the computer does things.
    We are losing bits of ourselves all the time.
    Firstly what can be established from the pattern is that security breaches will always be an issue.
    And evn the most secure get breached with the best software and hardware available and the cash.
    Meanwhile all the security vendors are having a field day loading goodness knows what to your system and charging you for it.
    Its clear we are going about this the wrong way.
    Security is an ongoing issue but maybe we should try and get our heds out of the sand and look around.
    Then again its to late for that now, we have 1-2 generations of older ones to tell us what it was like.
    Give another 100 or less years they don’t exist, and then we will go on as we do.
    Or will we, we are not that far from another world war, the way things are going who knows, maybe we will be told by our admins to reboot its been a while since a reinstall.

    Sadly a similar situation happened in 2002-2008 in new zealand, everyone went for this new type of spray on brick over plasterboard.
    But there were issues like untreated wood, and other issues like that.
    When it failed, a lot of problems, its still failing and we are stuck with the consiquences.
    The net is like that.
    Its overloading and when it fails we will hear about it.
    Back to with the company quitting its email system though, even if you changed your email addresses over, others have your older address then it gets complex.
    I had an experience envolving old info and a few other things with an isp which totally destroyed a router luckily it wasn’t mine else I’d get really pissed but thats another story.
    Thanks for playing audiogame hhub.
    I am happy its improved, however I don’t use a device so can’t play it.
    To be honest if there are any bugs you should report them to get fixed.
    Sonnar is still alive but as things are, no work down the line for me and to be honest with how life has been going this year I havn’t had time for work.

  2. Comment by tech date 25 September 2017 alle 18:47 (),

    Shaun, very interesting thoughts. The fact that everything can be held online is just too much. Open databases, databases with no protection if any, asking for very sensitive information which I don’t do anymore, but even when I did, i never put it online for anyone. It was just for me. Thats how it should be, for the company, not to be stored online. Things have definitely changed.

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