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Windows Defender, does it do a good job?

Hello folks,

I had a very interesting issue with my computer. For some reason, a system scan yielded some potential severe threats which Windows Defender only found on a full system scan, not the default scan. After that scan, I ran an offline scan to determine if there was anything else. After the reboot, I was still having the issue of not being able to open anything from the start menu.

To solve this, I went over to Trend Micro’s House call page and decided to download and run it. It can be run in conjunction with other software already installed. After several minutes even though it only went through as far as the users temp directory, it seemed to have cleared up whatever issue I was having. I even did a couple of reboots to make sure and things are OK.

I’m thinking that something got picked up that was removed, although no threats were found from the scan, or it fixed an error with the drive itself when scanning things. I just found this weird. Do you think Windows Defender is still good? Its the only accessible piece of software besides house call that is accessible to us. Trend Micro also has an app within house call called Ransomware buster which can protect files in directories. Don’t know how accessible that is, but that was very interesting. Thoughts?

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Windows Defender, does it do a good job? was released on April 22, 2019 at 9:00 pm by tech in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: April 22, 2019.

Comments (3)

  1. Comment by crashmaster date 24 April 2019 alle 01:02 (),

    To be honest, it seems to work for me.
    It detects a lot of things it shouldn’t.
    An easy way to not worry is clear your junk files, I use ccleaner portable every day once a day and am carefull of what I load.
    If thats not enough, malwarebytes works well enough.
    I havn’t tried spybot sd for ages but it works to.
    Of course being blind with bgt and a entire slooth of accessible software being misrecognised as bad for ever means I have had no choice but exclude a lot of stuff from being scanned.
    This includes a few program files folders and folders on the root drive with programs in them.
    This includes my entire data drive because of these false programs, and all my backup drives because of these programs.
    In addition unless I spaciffically scan files from friends some of which do have good scanners themselves I could potentially get a virus simply because my drive is full of false positives which are and never will be addressed.
    Having removed avg tuneup, and avast antivirus, and a few other security tools from a system I was working on, reinstalling windows, fortunately without resorting to a reformat, and redoing the corrupted language files, user profiles and dammaged programs, I really don’t give a cluster fuck if windows defender is the worst piece of fucking shit in the godamn fucking muther fucker of the universe.
    It leaves us alone, I mean you need to set it and if I could have something accessible that would be able to be set then fine maybe with a list but its not like you have such a thing.
    I can’t spend my life trying to fix issues created by the software that is supposed to protect me.
    I have seen such software to many times completely destroy a system forcing me to reformat.
    In this case the company requested even in an emergency situation that I do not reformat at any cost but it would have been better if I had just either done that or chucked their fucking computer out a window.
    I worked on that thing for 10 hours, it works, however I only fixed the serfice dammage that I can be sure of.
    In the age of security we need simple and safe not complex.
    Back in the day about 15 years back in fact, I was a norton lover, an avg and avira lover, false positives were down a lot and I had no real issue.
    However whenever someone wanted into the firewall or someone needed to run something non standard or something like the ip for the printer changed, I had to write, script, babysit and at times reinstall or reformat to get the security software to work.
    In fact before microsoft defender and msse, my day would start.
    1. update the computers.
    2. fix the computers,.
    3. reformat if broken.
    4 assuming everything worked get on with my life.
    If everything worked the process took me 2-4 hours even then and 10 minutes to write a rule for the software.
    Every time something went wrong which happened regularly I would have to find out what it was, if a user issue it was always something that was rarely a malicious program, write a rule or fix it.
    Mostly it was the software being overzellous.
    I would then spend ages and ages fixing it, reformatting entire networks and staying up for 48 hours without sleeping hoping to fucking god it wouldn’t break to quickly.
    I have had friends have their computers rendered dead by security software.
    Msse freed me from 99.999% of this hell with the loss of a lot of configurability.
    And despite all the issues msse had and may still have, I don’t want to go back to that life.
    I think if in doubt have another on demand scanner.
    If you are getting a virus normally then its probably your activity more than anything.
    And if you need something thats not microsoft and can use it and don’t mind subscriptions and all the hell it brings fine.

  2. Comment by tech date 24 April 2019 alle 18:27 (),

    This is great feedback. I’m not saying I’m going paid, because for the most part I’ve been fine. But its interesting how MSE found something but yet I still had an issue and had to run something else. I’ve tried to ask several venders if their software was accessible, because I think software like Trend Micro and Fsecure and others should be made available to us and they should work. I used Trend Micro at one time, and I loved it because of its on demand scanner and its phone home to check to see if something I found seemed to be a problem and alert me. Great thoughts.

    • Comment by crashmaster date 25 April 2019 alle 02:28 (),

      Well to be honest, I have talked to a few people, people on lists, even some hacker that was trying to convince the security companies to change.
      There is no way to make them talk to a user assuming they have an email address to talk to in the first place.
      You could talk to them on a forum but the likelyhood they would even respond just didn’t happen.
      The bottom line is, because of some badly done programs bgt and vb6 stuff is still a big part of the blind, and some of our stuff enough of it is being detected as bad, that I can’t even run sophos web because it would nuke things on my hard drive.
      The only way to fix this is impair the scanner by dropping out folders from being scanned.
      The backup drives e and f are simply not scanned because I don’t trust the scanner and those should be safe anyway.
      My d drive is not scanned because its my data drive and got programs on it.
      I have to cut out some files in program files because they are scanned badly.
      I clear my temp files, and am carefull what I load but still I’d call it making the best of a totally fucked up situation and mainly for my own sanity than everything else.
      I have had people so fed up that they have stopped all drives being scanned, program files, windows, etc, they have even put hacks to turn the antivirus off and ran without it all together and keep saying they are safe.
      I am sure if I didn’t play blind games, or run any blindy software probably bar nvda, that there wouldn’t be a problem, but if something goes up, when I run a malware scan, I have to decelect so much of my hard drive I don’t even run it ever.
      If it gets bad enough I reformat and hope it doesn’t hit the data drive.
      I don’t like it but I don’t want half my drive nuked either.
      I figure out the worse places to get a virus is the junk files and I empty those out daily.
      The downloads are also a place to get viruses.
      My cloud folders are also a good place to get viruses but If you get false alarms or something dropbox, etc will not sync till I allow it through, clear the issue or reinstall dropbox so I leave it alone.
      I don’t sync any bt sync programs folders but still.

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