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In The Future, Will Your Kids Be Able To Sue You For Oversharing Online? from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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In The Future, Will Your Kids Be Able To Sue You For Oversharing Online?

This article is quite lengthy, but well worth the read. I saw it on twitter today, and its a great read. It has several sides of a particular prediciment that parents get in to, and that is the sharing of their children’s lives. Some parents share everything, others share little or none. I think, that the parent needs to decide if it is something they want to do. According to the article, a French child was able to say something that got their parent in to trouble, but yet, no successful case in the U.S. has come to the courts in regards to children verses child. Will it happen? Maybe. How should we teach parents to make the right choice on what they share?

In The Future, Will Your Kids Be Able To Sue You For Oversharing Online?

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In The Future, Will Your Kids Be Able To Sue You For Oversharing Online? was released on April 23, 2019 at 10:38 am by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: April 23, 2019.

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  1. Comment by crashmaster date 25 April 2019 alle 02:18 (),

    I suspect the issue is prenet vs afternet in particularly those born into the matrix.
    People that are born these days have never had the experience of being away from the net.
    There is an episode of seaquest dsv where people got so hooked on computers and being online that after some sort of apocolipse they just stayed about till they died.
    Eventually the ai went back in time to ask a human to turn it off please or time ends.
    It was a laugh back then, but it could actually happen now.
    I know a time before the net.
    I know what dialup was, but the net is so adictive.
    And sadly now days if you are born you are introduced to the net and games and other things so quickly in all its forms.
    Its obvious that children shouldn’t be online or babies, or even teenagers.
    But everyone does it.
    In the beginning it was educational and thats still a thing.
    But we have all the bad sides, everything from cyber bullying to hacking of our home security devices.
    The issue is not the generation before, its the current generation, but its probably going to be the generation after or the next after that, assuming we don’t nuke ourselves or destroy our environment so totally we die out, we will actually have to face the point of time that states, do we want to become borg or do we want to get off our fat lazy good for nothing behinds, and get the fuck outside and play assuming we havn’t forgotten outside and what it is.
    A lot of people are living in apartments and buildings that are inclosed and a lot like it.
    In new zealand we are getting close to that.
    I am happy we have managed to keep our open spaces for this long, I mean where my family on mum’s side came from the beach was never a thing at all.
    Being that holland is basically under the see and there is no beach like here in new zealand.
    I can see the end of us right now though.
    The net controls us, we don’t need the machines to invade us, we are doing that to ourselves.
    We have at least 100 more years till thats an issue, but then according to some scientists if we continue with all the environmental junk we have been we only have 100 years left anyway.
    Then if someone drops a nuke they think that may happen in 50 years so who knows.
    If we get over those potentials we will have to decide what happens.
    I probably won’t be about to see what happens, and maybe others in my generation won’t be, but There are a lot of things we have been noticing at leas a few have been noticing.
    People are not smoking they are on their phones, my dad does it, people with their children take them out and use their phones.
    My friends fucking do it.
    I almost got sucked in, and it fucking scares my balls off.

  2. Comment by tech date 24 April 2019 alle 18:21 (),

    Hi Shaun,
    This is well thought out, and along the lines I’ve said too. We need to worry about what we post and whether its worth it. While I’m promonent on social media, I have this blog post links to stuff, as well as my personal blog with my playlists. I don’t really use social media much, although people do contact me through it. I don’t post every single thing I do either. Thats who I am. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Comment by crashmaster date 24 April 2019 alle 00:47 (),

    Hi jared.
    Well another silly lets sue people thing.
    Now there can be bad parents same as bad children.
    We actually should all decide what we share of our lives.
    I mean we share a lot of data as it is.
    If our identity gets stolen we bitch and moan, yet some of us post every time we have a shit, and for all of us we need to watch it.
    Its why I don’t use twitter or facebook, just my little wordpress and maybe email.
    Its why I hardly use skype, its why I don’t chat much, text much, use my mobile much, but then I can and still have access to older analog tech.
    I try not to glue myself to a screen both for health, social and the reason simply that I want to live with technology not have technology live for me.
    I really think if this sort of sharing shit keeps happening then everyone should pull back and look what they are sharing or if they need to even do this.
    Its probably almost to late but this does bring up a thing I have often wandered with all these pedafiles, unsafe net usage and all those scams about.
    I know its a good idea for education, but if I havn’t said it so many times before I will say it again.
    In no unsertain terms should a child have fucking access to the fucking internet period.
    A baby doesn’t need it, a todler doesn’t need it, a preschooler doesn’t need it, a child should go and fucking play outside not watch fucking tv or look at a screen, all day and that could go for the rest of us in some shape or form.
    Now I have been there, I will probably be glued to a computer for the rest of my life, it is my life, I need to live with it and it needs me but when I can I try to get up, and move my fat ass of my chair and try to be normal.
    Its not easy, sometimes its fucking god damn hard.
    There was a time where I would game all day, sleep all day, eat kfc 3 times a day when I was a teenager so Yeah I’ve been there, it aint good, but you need to realise that.
    Back then there were no smart phones, or watches, there was no digital tv or music services, no pirated content, no net for the most part just the pc.
    The same thing could be said about devices.
    Everything does not in any shape or form need the net.
    We lived without apps on our phones, and we lived without portables.
    We lived without smart tvs, and things like this.
    While its nice to have an on the go thing, a laptop, phone or tablet, a smart tv, and on demand watching, the fact we can consume everywhere we go is good and also dangerous and highly adictive.
    In fact it may actually kill us.
    A report a couple months ago said that people were having sex less because they wanted to look at their phones.
    So forget the radiations, we don’t need to wait for the robots to take over because we allready are making ourselves die off, forget the next nuke war, forget everything and its scarey as heck.
    Right now the net is in everything even stuff that doesn’t need it.
    Medical devices to some extent may need a direct connection to a place, certainly not online for all to see.
    You don’t need that watch on your rist and you probably don’t need every gadget reporting back to your phone unless you do sports or something.
    No one has thought about how crazily we seem to be shoving the net into even things that don’t need it.
    When people go on about devices being hacked, they fail to ask themselves if those devices need to be connected.
    Do all medical devices need to be connected to the net for example.
    Maybe some do need to phone home via something, maybe they burst a packet or so over.
    But really thats it.
    Bluetooth is short range, its quite secure since you need to be really close to use it.
    I actually think we will have a better chance in securing the infrastructure that uses the net than our devices but this is becide the point.
    Sharing as they say is caring but no one realised at the time what it means.
    Would you tell your family every time you went to the loo or picked your dog’s mess or something tirivial or something like that?
    No you wouldn’t but online people believe they are well in another world.
    Yeah again its hard to not think of things as names and numbers, even I do this its a commen thing but we just need to be carefull thats all.

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