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The book Scam Me If You Can

I just finished reading the book Scam Me If You Can by Frank Abagnale. Here is the Amazon Link to this book so you may buy it via Kindle or paper if you wish. Its available on Bookshare, and thats where I got a copy of it.

The reason I want to write about this book here is in regards to the very last chapter. I can relate a little bit to several different stories, even going back to Podcast 289 (56mb) where Jennifer was used to talk about one such scammer.

Since then, there have been several others. Each one wanted me to send them itunes gift cards, and even one when I told them I couldn’t see pictures, never said another word. The Thing with Julia and her behavior was the insistancy of me buying gift cards so she can comne to see me. I could get what I wanted, if only I sent the gift card.

Another one that I believe was trying to Scam Me was Boivon Donald. This person, claimed that they were in the millitary, and then indicated they needed to have me open a bank account. While I don’t have the conversation any longer, and its not the point of this article to rehash the conversations, I was very skeptical when I was asked to provide a bank account, send an itunes gift card, or have anything to do with sending money when i haven’t even talked to them by phone.

Everyone refused to call me by phone, even one named Brenda Rogers who stopped communicating with me when I said that this was a text relationship. She started calling me honey and baby and indicating that I knew what to do to start a call. All of these people refused to place a call when I asked to talk to them by voice. Even the one who sent me pictures quit talking to me when I said I couldn’t see pictures. One even asked what I wanted in life, and I haven’t sent them another message.

While I want a relationship, if you don’t want to call me and talk to me so I can hear your voice, than you’re not worth my time. Twitter, Facebook, and other social Media even Hangouts is used for these types of scams. In the last chapter, we learn about the typical types of scams. I just had to say out loud, “uh-huh” as the chapter read to me out loud through my app that is connected to bookshare. If you’ve not listened to podcast 289, you will want to listen to it now. The scams aren’t going away, and I want people to learn about what types of things are going on now a days.

“This is just going to get worse,” says Abagnale. He’s 70 years old, turned his life around, and his story needs to be told.

Here is a link to Frank W. Abagnale from Amazon. This link till take you to all of his 4 books. I suggest you read them. It doesn’t matter the order, they’re all good. If we can teach what types of things are out there and how we can protect ourselves, we can be even better educated not to get caught.

Have you read these books? If you have, what did you think?

Besides the last chapter which really interested me as of late, Frank Covers more than just romance. He covers everything you can find in regards to scams. Web sites are also given where appropriate. Please read this book, and the others in the series. I enjoyed it.

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The book Scam Me If You Can was released on September 22, 2019 at 6:30 pm by tech in security news and commentary.
Last modified: September 22, 2019.

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