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NCSAM Passwords and innocent conversation

I’ve been thinking about something that resonates with me in the latest book by Scott Schober Cybersecurity Is Everybody’s Business and I thought I’d put this up for discussion on the blog.

Innocent conversation, asking about your family, or pets may seem to be regular day to day OK. In this book, Scott talks about a skit that was later played on TV.

Someone asked someone else about their password. They mentioned that it was the dog’s name, and the year they graduated high school. While these types of passwords are not recommended, I’m not about to tell people how to use their passwords at all.

The person then asked two innocent questions and they were answered. Boomb! There is the password.

Would I use this password today? Probably not. I’m surely thinking that they felt comfortable and they had no idea they were about to reveal their password. Today, I still use a combination of a couple of passwords on a few sites, mainly because I never changed them, and on one, I’ve got two factor. On one email account, I have a very strong password, even though its for list communications only.

One account, I really need to change that password, but I don’t feel its necessary. The point is here that we should observe what we should do or not do. There are always things we should do, but it is our choice.

What do you think of innocent conversation that could reveal ones passwords or password habits without even asking for it?

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NCSAM Passwords and innocent conversation was released on October 5, 2019 at 9:30 am by tech in security news and commentary.
Last modified: October 5, 2019.

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