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NCSAM: Part 2: Scott Schober’s latest book is a must read from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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NCSAM: Part 2: Scott Schober’s latest book is a must read

If you read nothing else this month, I’ve been referencing Scott Schober’s second book Cybersecurity’s Everyone’s Business and I read part 2. Part 2 of the book covered several breaches including the biggest in health care, Anthom Blue Cross, Equifax, and more.

Equifax still has a bunch to say for itself, and I have two articles myself I wrote through the Vocal platform. They are: Equifax Breach: Why You Should Be Worried After the Latest Breach September 15, 2017 and <a href=”More On the Equifax Breach: Why It’s Time to Keep that Software Up to Date which was posted to 01.media on September 26th of that same year. I’m sure you can find other articles and Krebs was also cited in this part in numerous breaches.

What I found amazing ws the details or lack there of when it came to DynDNS, which took half the net down, or so it seemed.

Some of these breaches we have no control of, especially the equifax breach. Some people even went so far as to call them equifish, (equiphish) and this is no joke. Steve Gibson, the guy behind Security Now on the twit network was at a loss. Nobody can really explain the hack, and the fact they paid millions of dollars doesn’t explain the piss poor job there.

Uber I was not a customer of when that breach happened. The fact they went through several CEO’s and the future of the company is still uncertain because it blows through money should probably not surprise me. I know I’ve blown through money when I was younger, and I bet you we all do it. I’ve had some great experiences with Uber, even at my new location, so I have nothing bad to say. A couple of times were interesting, but I was never stranded, thats paratransit for you.

The goal of this post is not to cover paratransit, but to cover the portion of the book I’ve read to date. These chapters are short, but delve out the information you need to know. I still feel the book is a must read for everyone. Have you gotten your copy?

Some articles this brings me back to include but not limited to:

Podcast 288 talks about Equifax one year later, in articles i’ve read and a whole lot more about the cybersecurity incident.

This also brings me back to the article I posted recently: Cybersecurity: 99% of email attacks rely on victims clicking links where one of the hacks was the cause of phishing or social engineering. This I feel is only going to get worse, and I don’t know what the solution is besides training. NCSAM: Is training to stay safe not sinking in? that is the big question here. I feel we all can use training. Every single one of us. It has to start somewhere.

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NCSAM: Part 2: Scott Schober’s latest book is a must read was released on October 6, 2019 at 10:00 pm by tech in security news and commentary.
Last modified: October 6, 2019.

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