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Braille Transcription using WYSIWYG

Hello folks,

Today, on Vocal, is another article that I had published. This article covers Braille2000 and how it became more accessible. If you’ve been to the blog, we’ve got an entire category called Braille2000 which has all the details.

Since I publish all my tech articles here, why not include this one?

The simulated braille is from assignment 1, and it is probably imaged right, but Jaws does read the assignment and it is in grade one.

I may have that changed to an image, I’ll inquire.

Braille Transcription using WYSIWYG: How Braille2000 became more accessible to the blind transcriber education.media January 31, 2020 is the article, and I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for reading my work, and make it a great day!

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Braille Transcription using WYSIWYG was released on January 31, 2020 at 4:00 pm by tech in article commentary,Braille 2000.
Last modified: January 31, 2020.

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