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OUCH! Newsletter: Social Media Privacy

Sans News Bites also includes a monthly newsletter that can have valuable tips. This month, social media privacy. OUCH! Newsletter: Social Media Privacy is the article and basic tips are given besides checking privacy stuff.

I know I don’t share what I’ve had for dinner, what I’ve ordered, pictures, or anything harmful. There was a time I sent a direct message but it went out to the public internet, and there is nothing i can do. I really work hard to make sure I don’t do that mistake again, and make sure that when I am contacted, that if I’m asked for something like money, that I tell the person that I can’t do that.

Telling someone that you get social security for example in a private message isn’t so bad especially to illustrate that you can’t send much if anything at all. I’ve done it in such a way where I say that I only get goverment money, so sending the hundred bucks or whatever one may ask is mute.

Of course, putting this all out there in public conversation can get people knowing what is out there, and this newsletter has tons of tips here. Enjoy!

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OUCH! Newsletter: Social Media Privacy was released on February 6, 2020 at 2:00 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: February 6, 2020.

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