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Have you heard of the corona virus? I did, but didn’t know much from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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Have you heard of the corona virus? I did, but didn’t know much

Hey folks, have you heard of the corona virus? One of my people that I work with mentioned it when he got sick one week after beating something.

While I’m glad he didn’t get this, it sounds pretty bad, and on top of it, I’ve seen emails myself that have corona virus in the subject line.

Michael in Indiana, probably has not seen these types of emails before, and some people never do. I’m happy when I find out that people don’t see these types of emails. I saw two in one mail check and the body of the email is quite interesting, spreading news about what this is, and it also has other text in it too.

The article Scammers are trying to exploit coronavirus concerns to breach companies came across my desk through cyberscoop today, and it was quite interesting.

I did send it to my contact that mentioned it to me, and I want to pass this to the blog in passing.

This type of thing does happen, and it will continue to happen.

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It was sent From: “Coronavirus Mask” play@kidneyambition.icu  and that is quite interesting as I never clicked on the links.

I thought ai had two, but maybe in separate mailboxes or thrown out with the trash as my mail client will do upon request from time to time.

Thats a sample and no links are even given to protect you. Just beware.

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Have you heard of the corona virus? I did, but didn’t know much was released on February 10, 2020 at 8:05 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: February 10, 2020.

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