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Have You Heard of Kids Guard? You may, and its not good from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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Have You Heard of Kids Guard? You may, and its not good

Naked Security has a very detailed article on an IOS and Android app called Kids Guard.

The purpose of the app was to protect the child or person using it from their information getting out … so you thought. Problem is, both Android and IOS versions are melicious. This is categorized as stockerware, or stocking the user and taking their data with it.

Under what to do, it says:

Whittaker put together a “detect-and-destroy” guide for identifying and removing KidsGuard from your Android phone, but first, you need to to check whether the app has been installed: Go to Settings > Apps, and see if “System Update Service” is listed. This is the name that ClevGuard has given the stalkerware to hide it from the user.
If you think your Android device has been infected with KidsGuard stalkerware, check out the rest of his guide for instructions on removing it.

Under the IOS in the same section:

For iPhone users, Paul Ducklin has the following advice: If someone has full remote access to your iCloud then you’re in big trouble. They can find out loads about you, and can change it all, too, including resetting your own password and locking you out of your account. So don’t delay, use 2FA today.

If you suspect someone else has access to your iCloud but hasn’t locked you out, go in yourself, change your password and review your settings.

This has got to be the worst it can get. If a program is supposed to be here to help us protect our data, and our data can do so much to hurt us, than its no good! I don’t understand what this company is doing getting in to everyone’s account. Are there better things to do?

I retweeted this and said there was a blog post coming, and thats this post. They aught to be ashamed of themselves for getting in to icloud and having the capability of seeing everything one has up there and more. Distasteful!

Here we go again! KidsGuard is like other many other commercial-grade spyware in that the stalker needs to have physical access to a device in order to install it. It just takes a few minutes. Whittaker reports that after installation, there’s no rooting or jailbreaking required. ClevGuard says the app can also be used for iPhones without access to the device (as long as the user doesn’t have 2FA on, in which case you would need to access the phone) if you give it the target’s iCloud credentials.

There’s nore, so go read this naked security blog entitled KidsGuard stalkerware leaks data on secretly surveilled victims and make it a great day! Be careful out there!

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Have You Heard of Kids Guard? You may, and its not good was released on February 24, 2020 at 1:00 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: February 24, 2020.

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  1. Comment by crashmaster date 24 February 2020 alle 20:31 (),

    Hmmm this is just sad.
    But well more of this stuff, malware apps posing as security.
    Then again who would want something to just protect kids I would want it to protect everyone and this feature would be in all the apps.
    Here’s the thing with all the restrictions about, how did they even get through the security processes in the first place.
    They probably will not be in the stores for much longer but yeah, now every user will need to reformat their phones or somethhing.

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