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What happened to respectible playing on games?


I really didn’t want to post this kind of post, but I want this to be a thought peace, not bashing on any type of platform.

Recently, on Dice World, someone posted in the newly created forums that have been around for awhile now. They were asking why they could not participate in the tournaments and the people running it said they would look in to it.

Several days later, they said that they haven’t heard anything and posted again. My hunch was that they were cheating somehow, but yet, I do not know how since nothing was discussed. They went so far as to ask how to cheat in several other games. I finally responded saying that if they were cheating, chances were that they were banned for that. The developers of the software ended up confirming what I had suspected all along. I also posted that if they were cheating and asked for cheating in the other games that they should be banned from the forums and even the entire game!

No matter whether it is Dice World, some other poker game or any type of community, cheating should not be around, and those caught should be punished.

If there are laws to protect citizens from getting hurt and abused, there should be rules in place for the cheaters like this one player. The developers are now wondering if they should have moderators.

I’ve moderated email lists through the years and have been respected for the great job I have done. I won’t tolerate the types of crap that I’ve had to report to the developers whether through the messaging system or the email messages off system, and I know that whoever the developers choose, they will have guidelines to follow.

Its sad that we have to come to this! Where did communities go? Its beyond repair now.

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What happened to respectible playing on games? was released on February 25, 2020 at 9:30 am by tech in General commentary.
Last modified: February 24, 2020.

Comments (1)

  1. Comment by crashmaster date 27 February 2020 alle 12:31 (),

    Its been like this for ages jared.
    On audiogames forum there just as many trolls, crackers and drama queens as there are hackers, game coders, enthusiasts and gamers.
    Mods do help but there are those that want it for free because they are blind.
    They are used to being entitled and have rights, but either havn’t exited the lets pull them up to the top system before we just let them drop off the big as cliff on the other side or they believe the world owes them.
    I can say this because during schooling and university pluss supposed life skills course, because I was blind I was entitled.
    I was told I was poor, dumb and helpless and helped to get to the next level then the next, then the next.
    Eventually I was told I had a good chance to get a job.
    I was loaded into the catapult of life, was shot out, bounced down several boulder stroon fields of agencies, bad equipment and agent burnouts over 6 years and fell into a shark infested river of lava inthe middle of an underground desert.
    I have still not managed to leave.
    I tried touch screens to see if I could use them and well I had issues.
    I don’t even have the energy to even bother asking for help on how to use them when I can get an easier option at this point.
    I’ve been so long in the desert I actually sadly, retardedly and stupidly like living here.
    All my life I have tried to believe in the good fight to not be poor, blind and helpless, yet here I am, poor, blind and helpless and entitled.
    Except that the world made me smart before it terfed me into the skip bin and I wish it hadn’t.
    I vaguely remember my time before I became smart and remember it as a happy time of life.
    Oh would I like to just return there now and forget about all this, it can’t be worse than what I have now surely.
    I have lost my grandparents, and my parents are getting on, some have various issues, in 20 years I go to some home or something to wait out my own end.
    Without a job and no prospects of immediate employment especially in this echonomy as it is and world well who knows.
    With my life as it is I guess its my personality which never runs away.
    I have a lot of reason to become a depressed fuck or a troll but I havn’t yet.
    My family support me and I have a good network of friends.
    I walk 3 times a week, do gym, eat good food and shop and help my family round the house and try to work where I can.
    And thats my story in the nutshell.
    Granted some blind people don’t have things as good as I do, my family is middle class and has cash, I know some not fortunate like that and some of those will fight as I do and do survive.
    However there are quite a lot that differ from that, in short there is enough in our lives to drag us down.
    For some of us we fight and survive, but its easy not to.
    Sadly all those bad gamers, cheaters, and those that cause drama are probably those that have been beaten down and either lack the energy or skills to fight on if at all.
    Maybe they know where they stand but they assume they can’t or have no want to leave or want to leave but are not able to.
    For me I am in the position where I can sort of slack off, I don’t need to really leave yet I continue to improve my lot where I can and that hasn’t always been easy.
    My temper has not been the best in some quarters and I have been almost banned on several lists myself so its by no means easy.
    I suspect that those that do this sort of thing don’t realise how lucky they are to still be about.
    Lets face it, you are garanteed because you are blind to pass most things just so you can move forward.
    You will most likely go to highschool no questions asked.
    And you will probably pass that almost scott free for the most part.
    You will probably get through university and while its harder you will have support.
    If you are lucky you will then get extra training for a job and either start a business or get a job with someone.
    Which is where it falls down a bit.
    After you are fully educated, you are expect to pay for some stuff and this can start as early as university.
    After this and that, most agencies will lose interest in you quite quickly to the point they are a hinderance.
    After that its you and the world.
    Except that you aren’t ready at all for it.
    You never had a chance.
    Your blindness school told you skills you may need, and you went through the ranks if not sheltered then at least garanteed the next stage.
    After you get to the top you are even garenteed a spot in the new world order.
    Then off into the deep blue yonda you go, and there is where she be.
    I am unsure if anything has changed but that is how I see it.
    Governments will try to put you in places where you will work doing menial tasks and well who knows.
    What does get my goat is what I have to do to even stay in the world.
    I am looking for work and if I find work I will get it, says my bennifit account on my government’s website.
    Its a blatent lye.
    I am not looking for work, and I am unlikely to ever bother because there isn’t really any work to be had.
    Thats not saying that I won’t look and that in theory I am in fact still looking but its quite passive at this point.
    Lets face it, the time to look was in my 20s, I looked for 10 years and never made it.
    Now I am 37 going 38 years this year.
    By now I should have a wife, a couple kids, a car or 2, a house, a well paying job, and a fucking good time but I don’t.
    I am approaching an age where looking for work realistically is about to become that much harder.
    I don’t have a lot of experience and well looky here I probably won’t get any, I mean the sighted struggle now so what chance do I get.
    As I get older it will get harder till I am 65 years.
    At 65 years I can get the pention for doing nothing.
    I can go to a home and my end is set.
    And thats my depressing life.
    But I don’t let it get to me.
    This is the backdrop for if not all disabled since a few do actually make it obviously, but quite a lot of us, not sure how many never made it, had a chance or well could ever make it.
    I would like some things to change, ie we get told our realistic chances if not immediately then certainly when we are adults and know what is what.
    Sure to be pushed to expect you would continue is a good motivational factor don’t get me wrong, it pushed me to go hard and fast and get up there.
    After you are not a child or in education instatutes though, there is a different system for when you get out.
    Do it yourself, get support when you need it, except that all the old style hold the hand creativity is gone so I may as well be talking to a machine.
    Go and look at these sites and lists and if they can’t help you then I can’t help you either.
    There is no funding after your lump student university fund runs out, not to mention once you are out you are expected to live and get on.
    Now if the stars aline and a few friends I know have, some in lower classes, some higher than me, and some at my level have managed to join the dots, and make it to the eadin of life.
    For most of us that won’t happen ever!
    As I say I have a supportive family and friends that push me to continue to fight for my right to exist but a lot probably don’t.
    It wasn’t long ago that the blind were put away in rooms out of sight and mind of their fellow sightlings and its no wander with systems as they are now that we are having this fucked up shit we are having right now.
    With organisations trying to prevent disability and cure it, we seem to have lost the plot.
    Its nice to know that people with my condition of retenal premature detachment at birth have a almost 0 chance of becoming like me, I may be one of the last people with my condition.
    So no more like me, big fat fucking to damn muther fucking god deal.
    I am here, and there are others in my generation like me and many others with other conditions.
    Sure a cure would be nice, but even if we were cured, we have missed out on so much, driving, drawing and the like we won’t be able to live normal lives anyway.
    Again, this is me stating as it is and yet for the most part I push all that back and some don’t.
    Lets face it even before the world got screwed over, this has been the way its been for ages and ages.
    Braille was made 3 centuries ago abouts, and blind people only got a reasonable right in the last 1.5.
    Now maybe in a couple more the blind at least may be all gone, no more blind people period, because we will all see.
    Same with others.
    However thats the future, a future most of our generation will not see so for now, I really thing systems should be up to supporting those that are here right now as well as thinking of what is next.
    I know that this is against everything the modern world wants to do, but right now the instatution or something like it is where all disable needs to go.
    Or at least a place, a life plan.
    Pushed to succeed, then to realise that there is nothing on the other side hmmm.
    I would prefer pushed to succeed and then have a place where we will spend our lives feeling usefull while in reality were were completely useless, poor and helpless but we would never need to know this.
    Its a stupid thought but this is my temper speaking.
    This is what makes these sad trolls exist.
    They can’t control their personalities but I can and do regularly.
    Sadly with the world as it its no wander we are in this situation.
    Speaking of this, this has been the longest comment I have ever written, and the longest writing I have needed to do in the last 25 years.
    Let that sync in for a moment.
    My job as a freelance tester has me write short reports and answer serveys, I don’t write documents or reports or anything.
    Its a good subject and definitely a thought provoking post.
    And now my eggs and coffee are ready and I better go have those before they get cold.
    Have a good day.

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