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Another company, another patch

We haven’t talked about hardware patching before, and it used to be something you never thought about. For the last few years or so, the people behind all of the stuff we’ve been talking about have decided to target the hardware side of computing. In a very good piece by Krebs, we learn that a particular company patched hardware that was being used for ransomware attacks and that, may be the icing on the cake. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of this before, and if that trend continues, we can be in for a very long year.

Patching hardware aspects of things can be quite difficult. It is not pushed to us like software can, we have to go get it. In the age of how things work today, we need to either be notified of the update, or it needs to be pushed directly to us. Especially if it is within network hardware or even software. The article Zyxel Fixes 0day in Network Storage Devices is what I’m posting about on this post, and this may be the beginning of the hardware patching for network stuff. Did you see this when it was posted and what are your thoughts?

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Another company, another patch was released on February 25, 2020 at 8:43 am by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: February 25, 2020.

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  1. Comment by crashmaster date 25 February 2020 alle 09:24 (),

    Well, yeah, isp controled hardware usually just updates.
    Various things like my laptop company I am subscribed to their security alert list.
    now 99.9 times out of 100 its usually nothing I need to worry about though I do check all my boxes when they alert.
    Sometimes it can be quite a lot especially round an os upgrade but sometimes stuff is sneaked out on the sly.
    Having your modem on your isp controled by the isp is probably good if you can stand connecting your own wired or wireless router to the isp device.
    If you feel you can’t keep that all going the easiest way is to connect a large wireless router to your isp one.
    At any rate unless its really old and I mean before 2015 or there abouts, chances are that your device of choice if set up properly and mostly it is or can be easily checked but mostly by default they are, your iot devices will just update whenever it appears.
    What you may have to do, if you are expecting it is to login to the device and confirm it.
    If its your printer or maybe your network, you may start the system and login only to find yourself on a page to confirm the latest upgrade.
    The older stuff is well a problem.
    Due to a few things, ie corona I have noticed that even my cheapest wireless extenders and devices I use have jumped up by quite a lot, I suck at persentages but a 80 dollar product is now 130 dollars and this will only get worse.
    Of course some stuff may just be to old and you may have to replace it or switch to another device.
    I have several devices like this which need replacing because they are to old to get updates but they are not critical.
    The good thing in this day and age, while the smarter they are, the more risk to the user, at the same time, the smarter they are the more protection usually and they will always autoupdate their flash chips.
    Just be thankfull you no longer have to buy another chip to upgrade it.
    In the older days while I never had it, if I needed to change say a language in my synth I’d have to buy and replace its cpu.
    Thats no longer needed, you just download it.
    If I wanted say a different sound card then I have to buy it, now I just download or pay for a soundfont and get the right software.
    This is a problem, but most of the time, excluding the intel disaster that is.
    Its usually good.
    Point is, we shouldn’t need to ever worry about any of these hardware hacks unless your device is not on of the newer units.
    2017 and upwards should have them and maybe earlier.
    Right now we need to worry because we have older devices still about but that will get less and less as they die out and are replaced.
    Sadly due to corona and other things, everything will go up before it goes down, not to mention that the corona thing is outside china and you can’t just run an antivirus on it sadly.
    Even if you are not directly impacted, your computer, hardware, phones, and batteries will be going up soon.
    There is in some companies going to be a shortage for a month or 2 while things ramp up again.
    China has got through the worst of things and is going to bring things back up but its outside.
    Fuel, power and almost everything else are going to be higher.
    So you would expect people to hang on to their aging devices for just that bit longer so the risk will go up for a short time though noone actually knows exactly how bad this apocoliptical nightmare will actually get.
    Not to mention that american and my country of new zealand are in election years and bits are not as stable as anyone would really like.
    It aint the end of the world just yet, but if the world were a nuke reactor its getting a bit stressed, some stuff may just let go and anything not critical may stop.
    Its far from a meltdown but its close.
    The only good thing is that firmware and hardware updates are usually software based.
    But if your system is that old it may need replacing.

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